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If your business is deemed high-risk, we'll help you find the best payment gateway so you can start processing transactions. At Zen Payments, we have over 15 years of experience working exclusively to obtain credit card processing for high-risk merchants. We have solutions for just about everyone, whether you're facing challenges due to your industry, personal past or prior business history. See what we can do for you.

The Need for High-Risk Payment Processing

When your business falls into the “high risk” category for any reason, you need a high-risk merchant account. In light of this, high-risk merchant account services are critical to being able to process payments consistently. Without these services, you risk frozen funds and a terminated merchant account.


Many payment processing companies like Stripe, PayPal and Square will deny services if they see you are processing within a restricted industry. You may also be deemed a high-risk business for a few additional reasons, like your business model, transactional history or personal financial data.


When this happens, customers will not be able to purchase your product and will likely go to your competition for their needs. You need to make sure you are partnered with a company experienced in securing high-risk accounts and keeping them processing payments. We offer stable high-risk accounts to support merchants in all kinds of industries and circumstances.

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What Does High-Risk Merchant Account Mean?

Here at Zen Payments, we believe that good merchants should be able to process payments and secure a merchant account, regardless of industry. Banks and other payment processing companies might label a business high risk for many reasons, including the following:


Bad credit can affect your ability to secure a merchant account because the bank will be less likely to lend funds. Most banks and service providers use FICO® credit ratings to determine eligibility. If your score falls in the low 600s or below, you're a candidate for high-risk merchant solutions.


Any business is subject to losing its merchant account if chargebacks exceed a certain rate. The higher your chargeback rate, the more “high risk” you become. Fraud will also cause you to be declined, which is why we undergo an underwriting process to ensure you are who you say you are.


Refund rates speak a lot about a business. If your business processes more refunds than sales in a month, who do you think is on the hook? The bank.  Banks want to see a low refund rate to ensure you run an honest business that they won't be on the hook for.


Subscriptions are directly relevant to chargebacks. There are annual, semi-annual and monthly subscription-based services. Sometimes people don’t realize they signed up to be billed indefinitely, leading to more chargebacks for your business.


Offering a free trial is common in many industries. However, most of these trials require a card number to be billed at the end of the trial. For many subscriptions, people forget about these payments, and that results in increased chargebacks. Regardless of trial or subscription, we have you covered!

Additional Risk Factors

There are other instances where you can require high-risk business account services. These can include processing card-not-present transactions, selling high-ticket items or simply being a new entity. We work with businesses every day to find the best merchant accounts for high-risk clients and have been for the last 15 years! We pride ourselves on working with merchants that other processors refuse to work with.

High Risk Merchant Account Industries

Listed above are reasons why a normally low-risk client could become high risk. However, you could be an honest merchant, have great credit and even have a low chargeback rate but still be high risk due to your industry.


Some industries are seen as high risk because of strong regulations or being considered disreputable to the bank. When you are on the high-risk merchant list, you have to jump through more hoops to obtain a high-risk merchant account.


We have been helping businesses obtain merchant accounts for over 15 years and have streamlined the process for our high-risk clients. Some industries on the high-risk merchant list include:

 Coaching / Seminars


 Health and Wellness


 Vape / eCig

 Web Marketing / Design

If you are in one of these industries, having reliable, reputable payment processing is game-changing. We know the trials each of these industries face. Our in-house team has the solutions you are looking for.

Why Zen Payments for High-Risk Merchant Account Payment Processing?

At Zen Payments, we know how important it is to have payment services you can trust. The ability to process credit cards is vital for businesses online to make sales and essential for brick-and-mortar locations in legitimizing the company and capturing the most business. That's why we make it easy to open a high-risk pay merchant account for your business and personalize it to meet your needs.

We Have an Expansive Network

We leverage a network of over 15 banks and high-risk payment processors to find the best merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. We'll work hard to find someone willing to back your company and support you for the long term, then guide you through the process.

We Have High Approval Rates

Our sole focus is helping high-risk businesses compete in the marketplace. When others say "no," we say "yes" with a 98% average approval rating for high-risk payment services. We'll work with you even if your credit needs some work, with regular approvals on scores as low as 500.

We Have Versatile Solutions

With our high-risk merchant account services, you can process payments no matter how your business is structured. We offer solutions suited for e-commerce platforms, a virtual terminal for manual payment processing without a website and several different physical credit card terminal options.


Many other payment processors charge too much for high-risk merchant services — typically because they're uncomfortable with the risk or inexperienced in supporting high-risk clients. At Zen Payments, we have been providing merchants the best rates for the last 15 years and pride ourselves on helping businesses flourish. We'll consult with you to find the best bank for you and your business.


By opening a high-risk merchant account with Zen Payments, you gain access to our dependable merchant services that can help you mitigate the risks associated with running a business in a high-risk environment. We work with a network of banks that allows us to find the best fit for you and your business. Fill out an application with us and get started processing today!

Supporting Merchants

At Zen Payments, our high-risk merchant accounts come with the services you need to succeed so you can enjoy running your business with reduced stress. Through our chargeback protection programs, payment gateways and 24/7 support services, we help our clients with all of their processing needs. Give us a call and let us set up your high-risk merchant account today!

Find the Best Merchant Accounts for High-Risk Businesses

If you operate a high-risk business, we can help you set up a payment gateway that provides all the capabilities you need at a competitive price. High-risk business credit card processing solutions from Zen Payments are the fast and easy way to gain a competitive edge and position yourself for future financial growth. Talk to our team today about these and the other advanced solutions we offer to see how we can help you find your zen.


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