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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Merchant Accounts

The multilevel marketing (MLM) business model, also known as direct selling, is a popular method for selling various products and services. Some of the most notable MLM companies are Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Amway, Herbalife, Telecom Plus and Primerica. These businesses are attractive to many aspiring entrepreneurs due to the opportunity to increase revenues exponentially by recruiting others - and receiving a portion of the sales they generate.

Although MLM businesses have been around for decades, some credit card processing service providers classify them as high-risk ventures. Many banks are also reluctant to partner with MLM companies. If you are an MLM business owner, you've probably found it frustrating to set up a merchant account and accept credit card payments.

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While many MLM companies are legitimate businesses, the industry is also rife with scammers. These unscrupulous individuals devise unlawful pyramid schemes where those at the top keep the cash and the ones at the lower levels lose most or all of their investment. These illicit activities have given the industry an unsavory reputation. Worried about getting involved with a pyramid scheme, many standard payment processors and the traditional banks they partner with tend to steer clear of any entity that resembles an MLM company. That's why MLM businesses are often considered high-risk, and the multilevel marketing industry is typically included on any list of high-risk industries. To process payments for your MLM business, you'll need to find a company that specializes in MLM merchant accounts.

If you're looking to join the ranks of direct selling businesses, it's good to know that Zen Payments can serve your multilevel marketing credit card processing needs. We believe that no good company should be left behind, even if it's considered high-risk, and multi-level marketing is no exception. When other payment firms say no, we can often say yes. In fact, we specialize in working with high-risk merchants and MLM business models.

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While every MLM business is different, there are some factors that typically cause an industry or company to be considered high-risk. As a multi-level marketing merchant, you're probably familiar with this first one as it causes you frustration as well. These risk factors can make it tough to obtain a merchant account in the MLM industry.

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Chargebacks are another issue that can hinder the ability to obtain merchant accounts for multilevel marketing purposes. The fly-by-night nature of the industry, where many businesses close up shop with little notice, can create a slew of refund requests. Many banks and low-to-moderate-risk payment processors want to avoid excessive chargebacks — and the potential legal repercussions that come with them — at all costs. Chargebacks also frustrate credit card processors, meaning that obtaining credit card processing for your company could be challenging.

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Although it's unfair to legitimate multi-level marketing businesses, the MLM industry is known for being rife with fraud. As mentioned above, illegal pyramid schemes are common in the multi-level marketing industry, so banks and merchant account providers are wary of working with merchants classified as multi-level marketing or direct selling companies.

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Getting approved for a MLM merchant account with any provider is simply not enough, you need to ensure you are set up with a stable long-term high-risk merchant account.

We actually underwrite our account before approval and work with our network of 15 banks to make sure that not only do you get the best rate, but you go through an underwriting process that will make sure your account is always able to process payments consistently! With us, your MLM payment processing will be one less thing you have to worry about.

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Zen Payments has been providing payment processing solutions for all types of high-risk businesses for more than 15 years, including MLM companies that sell:

  • Housewares
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Entertainment
  • Self-Care Products
  • Fitness Products

If you are planning on accepting credit card transactions or electronic payments, you'll need to get set up with an MLM merchant account and payment gateway. This is best way to ensure secure online and mobile payments for all of your customers. To do so, you'll need to find a merchant account provider that works with MLM businesses.

If you're looking for an MLM merchant account, Zen Payments is the best in the industry. Our years of experience, numerous connections with financial partners and familiarity with this unique business model make us the best merchant account for reputable MLM companies like yours.

Other Reasons Zen Payments is the Top
Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account Provider

Examples of the additional benefits of choosing the MLM merchant services from Zen Payments include:

Increased potential for approval

Many competing payment processing firms only have access to one or two banking partners. We work with more than 15 leading financial institutions willing to take on the MLM challenge. You'll have more chances to gain approval with Zen Payments as your payment processor.

Long-term support

Savvy MLM companies that offer high-quality products and implement effective recruiting strategies can grow quickly. At Zen Payments, we don't believe in short-term solutions. We'll be here to assist you as your operation expands and your payment processing needs continue to evolve.

Multiple payment acceptance options

While you'll likely need us for our multilevel marketing credit card processing capabilities, we can also help you accept other forms of payment. We work with PIN-debit, gift cards, electronic bank transfers (EBT), e-checks and even fuel cards.

Remote processing capabilities

Many MLM salespeople meet with prospects and make presentations in person. Every Zen Payments MLM merchant account provides access to a free iOS mobile app to facilitate on-site payment transactions with a smartphone or tablet. A paid app is available to Android users.

Responsive customer service

If you're unfamiliar with payment processing or experience a technical or user issue, our service team is ready to assist you. We work with many MLM businesses and can answer any question you have. We're available by phone during regular business hours to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. You can also contact us online 24/7 for a quick response from our team.

Enjoy a Zen
Customer Experience

Multilevel marketing businesses like yours can face numerous challenges due to all the negative perceptions of the industry. If you've had a difficult time securing an MLM payment gateway for your business, you'll appreciate the Zen Payments difference. Treating our clients with courtesy and respect has been the cornerstone of our operating philosophy since the beginning. With us, it's all in the name. We'll make your experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

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