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Credit Repair Merchant

At Zen Payments, we recognize the unique challenges faced by credit repair companies in securing reliable and efficient payment processing services. With our deep understanding of the industry and expertise in handling high-risk businesses, we are committed to delivering secure, transparent, and compliant credit card processing solutions tailored specifically for credit repair companies. Our cutting-edge technology and robust risk management systems ensure seamless payment transactions, allowing you to focus on what you do best - helping your clients improve their credit scores and achieve financial success.

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Credit Repair With a
Merchant Account?

Getting a credit repair merchant account has never been more important. In today's landscape of economic volatility, access to credit both as an individual consumer and as a business is imperative. Credit repair businesses provide valuable services in helping Americans every day reducing debt and improving their credit scores. Credit repair is an industry that is growing rapidly, but due to their industry, they are considered high-risk merchants.

At Zen Payments, we specialize in helping these high-risk businesses by providing cost-effective credit repair merchant services. Our philosophy is that no good merchant should be left behind. We're able to step in and fill the void when other companies say no or refuse to even consider these types of organizations. You'll work with an experienced provider that cares about you and your business and will become a valued partner in your success.

Your Credit Repair Merchant
Account Solution

With the credit repair market growing as fast as it is, the time to start your business is now! We understand the market, and as soon as you fill out an application with us our team will be in touch with you. We will talk you through the next steps of establishing your merchant account, and get you ready to start processing payments. We'll go through your application with you, in order to see what bank you will be the best fit for.

Some banks require processing statements, so these wouldn't be a great fit for a brand new business. However, some other banks we work with love start-ups and are willing to process for you. We find the best fit, get you the best rate, and then we begin your underwriting process.

Underwriting is a HUGE piece of the puzzle because this is what separates a consistent payment processor, from a company that will lose your ability to process. We take merchants through a strict underwriting process that way you can rest assured upon approval, you will have a lifelong merchant account. We streamline the process for you and handle everything on our end.

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Credit Repair Merchant
Account Stability

We accept both new and established credit repair merchants, giving all merchants a fighting chance in this growing market. Lucky for you, getting a credit repair merchant account has never been easier with us. We have spent extensive hours finding the best solutions for credit repair companies and how we can best serve them. We provide partnerships with over 15 banks to ensure that we get you approved and ready to start processing payments immediately.

Credit Repair Is

Credit repair companies all require a payment processor who is experienced in securing a high-risk merchant account. For this reason, we need to understand why credit repair companies are high-risk. There are a few reasons that credit repair companies are typically placed in this category.

Why Setup Credit Repair Merchant Account Through
Zen Payments?

Examples of the additional benefits of choosing the Credit Repair merchant services from Zen Payments include:

A partnership approach

Many of our competitors offer short-term solutions for their clients. At Zen Payments, we look at the big picture. We'll tailor our credit repair business account services to ensure they meet your current and future needs. You can count on us to be there as your company grows.

Fast setup times

We understand how important it is to businesses like yours to get their credit repair merchant accounts operating as quickly as possible. Although our underwriting process is comprehensive, we know how to navigate the obstacles that can prevent a timely approval. We can typically have our clients up and running in two weeks or less.

Stringent security procedures

We also recognize that safeguarding your customers' private information is paramount. An open credit repair merchant account with Zen Payments comes with airtight security. We adhere to all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) guidelines regarding the processing of payment information, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Easy access to help

Our customer service team is standing by whenever you have a technical issue, need help processing a payment or want to ask a general service question. Contact us by phone or email, and we'll provide an answer as quickly as possible.

Transparent pricing

With our credit repair merchant account services, what you see is what you get when it comes to pricing. You don't have to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges that suddenly appear in a billing statement. We'll even provide an itemized list to ensure you know what you're paying for — and the fees will stay the same from beginning to end.

You'll Find Your Zen With
Zen Payments

Have you met a lot of resistance in your search for a provider for your high-risk merchant account? At Zen Payments, we understand what you’re going through and how frustrating the experience can be. Our soothing zen business philosophy will be a welcome departure from what you've faced throughout your search. Our goal is to put your mind at ease by offering a solution that fits your needs and budget. What's more, we'll treat you with dignity and respect, beginning with your first contact.

Need a merchant

If you're looking for payment solutions that will positively impact your business, Zen Payments is ready to help. Get started right now by contacting us online or giving our merchant services specialists a call at 844-661-0725.

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