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High-Risk Merchant Account Provider

Zen Payments has been the nation's go-to provider for high risk merchant accounts for the last 15 years. Let us get you approved so you can start processing payments today!


Merchant Account Providers for High-Risk Clients Across Multiple Industries

We provide merchant account services for clients considered high-risk. High-risk businesses are those with a higher likelihood of fraud or chargebacks. Being high-risk comes with the territory in some industries. In other cases, a business might gain this designation due to internal company financial history. This can make it challenging to do business — unless you find the right provider. Zen Payments is one of the leading high-risk merchant account providers with solutions suited for the industry your business serves.

High-Risk Merchant Services

At Zen Payments, we offer a full suite of merchant services for businesses in all industries. Since we process hundreds of millions in high-risk volume every month, we have the experience to support high-risk businesses nationwide. Let us handle your high-risk merchant services today.


Leverage Zen Payments' network of over 15 direct bank and processor relationships to find the best long-term home for your merchant account.

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We Are Committed to Providing Reliable Merchant Services for Any Good Business Regardless of Industry

High-Risk Payment Gateways

If you operate an e-commerce platform or have one you want to launch, we can provide you with the payment processing solutions you need to do business. We are pioneers of e-commerce processing and offer solutions designed for seamless integration.


Our payment gateways connect your website payments to your merchant account. They manage the online checkout process and provide a secure path that you, your customers and the bank can all use to exchange credit card information and other essential data.


We provide solutions compatible with all the major platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Clickfunnels and many others. We also offer virtual terminal services for companies without an active website. Learn more about these secure and compliant ways to process payments.

High-Risk Credit Card Processing

Businesses today need to process credit cards. This is true whether you're running a physical storefront or want to sell online. Offering credit card processing legitimizes the location and helps you capture more sales by making sure you can accommodate your customers instead of turning them away.


Entities with high enough risk require a high-risk credit card processing provider. Whether it's the industry you're in or your company history, we'll help set you right with a merchant card processor account. Our services ensure you have the capabilities you need to take payments online, in-person or over the phone and access your funds.


The systems that we integrate allow you to process cards from all the major carriers, making it easier for customers to purchase from your business. They include added benefits like fast access to funds and your choice of a free processing terminal from several different options, along with excellent rates on processed transactions.


“I am in a high risk industry, which is the Time Share Exit industry, and have been turned down by several banks including my own, who I have been with for over 10 years . . . when I received Zen’s email telling me that my company was approved, I was impressed to say the least!” — George H.

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Merchant Services for Any Business

Payment Processing

We offer credit card processing, point-of-sale systems and access to virtual terminals so you can easily run your business, no matter where you operate.

Chargeback Reduction

If your business is high-risk due to excessive chargebacks, we offer chargeback reduction services and industry-specific advice to improve your bottom line.

Our Support Services

We proudly offer competitive profit sharing, lifetime residual commissions and 24/7 support to ensure our clients are satisfied with our merchant services.

What Makes Us the Best High-Risk Processor for Your Business?

Selecting the right high-risk merchant account provider is a significant step for any business. The right one will be your lifeline to the marketplace, be there to support you financially and help you drive future growth. At Zen Payments, we make the decision a little easier with several reasons you should choose to work with us.


Same-Day Funding

Get access to the money you've collected on the same day using a merchant account through Zen Payments. Our merchant account services eliminate overnight waiting periods. This makes it easier to reconcile your account and keep up with payroll, vendors, utilities and other expenses.


High Approval Rates

We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed in the marketplace. That's why we offer some of the highest approval rates in the industry — even merchants with credit scores as low as 500 are eligible for account services with a 98% approval rate on applications.


A Large Network

We leverage an extensive network of over 15 banks and other processing institutions to find the best long-term payment solutions for your business. We will work hard to find the right partner and ensure you're getting the best possible rate for card processing services.

Find Your Zen

Take your spot in the marketplace with simplified services from an experienced firm. Zen Payments is one of the leading merchant account providers in the USA. We have the skill, connections and expertise to help you overcome transactional barriers and support you for the life of your business.

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