Utilize our hard-to-place program and experience seamless credit card processing with Zen Payments. We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to finding suitable credit card processing solutions, especially in niche industries or with less conventional business models. Our specialized program is designed to cater to those hard-to-place businesses, offering tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements. With our expertise and extensive network of payment partners, we can help you overcome barriers and ensure your business can accept credit card payments efficiently and securely. Say goodbye to the frustrations of limited options and let us streamline your payment processes, empowering your business to thrive in today's competitive market.

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As an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) or Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you do everything possible to provide merchants with the right solutions for streamlining their business and delivering exceptional service to their customers. But what happens when your merchants don't receive approval from traditional payment providers? Zen Payments is here to help by offering our innovative credit card merchant account program. We specialize in helping businesses in a wide range of industries find ways to grow their business.

Don't walk away from your merchants that you can't approve due to owners' credit, financials or industry they are in. Due to our ability to board on most major platforms (TSYS, First Data Omaha, First Data Nashville, Global etc.) we can almost always integrate with your gateway, webs platform or credit card processing device. We board the account, and you retain the merchant's revenue.

How it

Our Partner Program enables you to help the merchants you serve to fill their payment processing void — and allows you to boost your profits. Our four-step process makes it easy to get started right away:

We have a professional and tenured sales force that understands what it takes to get your merchants approved. We handle 100% of the sales process and you will not need to expel any additional time or effort in on the account 'till the account is approved.

We Serve

Because we specialize in providing high-risk payroll processing services, we can help ISOs and ISVs that represent merchants in industries that traditional providers ignore or aren't willing to support. Contact us if you need help with a company in any of the following industries:

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When you join the Zen Payments Partner Program, you'll be working with a company that works with more than 15 banking entities — most of our competitors only have one relationship. This extra flexibility enables us to have more options when approving merchants. As an ISO or ISV, you'll benefit from additional solutions to provide to your clients, significantly increasing the likelihood of serving their needs.

We're also different from many other credit card merchant account program providers in that we offer much more than short-term solutions. We focus on helping our customers meet their current and ongoing needs. As an agent, you can deliver a result that will serve your clients for many years to come. You'll also benefit from a longer window for earning residuals and improving your business's bottom line.

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Contact Zen Payments to learn more about our Partner Program and how it benefits merchants and the ISOs and ISVs that serve them. Call us at 877-511-3402 to speak to one of our merchant service specialists today. You can also get in touch with our team online.

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