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What Is The Best Payment Gateway For Uber-like Companies?

What Payment Processor Does Uber Use?

Uber uses Stripe to process payments collected from their 3.5 million drivers. The unique structure of their company is set up as a custom payment channel, and is not reproducible for standard merchant accounts. However, if your company has multiple individuals who collect transactions individually, there are solutions for you.

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What Is The Best Payment Gateway For Uber-like Companies?

Zen Payments is the best payment gateway for companies that want to process payments similar to Uber. Zen Payments has multiple options when it comes to the type of bank that will suit your needs, moreover, they provide consultation about payment processing options.

What Payment Gateway Does Lyft Use?

With an entire fleet of close to one million drivers, Lyft uses Stripe to connect process transactions. Interestingly, Lyft takes the extra step when it comes to reimbursing their drivers. They use a tool called Express Pay which allows drivers to collect money from their rides instantly.

Multi-merchant Accounts Like Uber

A multi-merchant account consists of a single bank account with many different entities that collect payment. Traditionally, each business location should have its own separator merchant identification number (MID), but with multi-merchants like Uber, you can connect these all to one major account. 

The same is true with companies like OnlyFans who host individual talents with private fan-based accounts. They ran into trouble years ago for having adult content that wasn’t well-regulated, and had to find a payment processor that would support them.

Fast Payouts For Merchants

Payouts are an essential feature when it comes to reimburse workers or customers who use your application. This key feature is not only used for companies like Lyft, but is also great for online gambling companies whose customers receive reimbursement for successful bets or lucky wins. 

Instant payout merchant accounts represent the fastest way to receive funds once they are processed. Specifically, a merchant can get the money they’ve earned the same-day the transaction is approved as a sale from the customer’s payment channel.

Get A Payment Gateway Like Uber and Lyft

Get A Payment Gateway Like Uber and Lyft

To get a payment gateway that has the same features as Uber and Lyft, you’ll either need a fully executed multi-billion company or you can contact a high risk merchant account provider. Although Stripe has some excellent case studies on assisting growing companies with secure payment resources, they work with high-level businesses more so than startups. 

Contact Zen Payments to learn more about your payment options especially when it comes to scaling transactions through individual accounts. We can walk you through your options, explain fees and get you set up with the best merchant account and payment gateway for your business.

High Risk Processors For Startups

The best merchant account providers for startups similar to Uber are high risk payment processors. These companies make custom merchant accounts rather than putting them all together the way aggregates like PayPal do. If you’re not sure if your company qualifies under PayPal’s, Square’s, or Stripe’s terms and conditions, then reach out to a high risk processor who can show you the ropes and tell you your options.

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