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Hemp Merchant Services

Hemp Merchant Services

Hemp merchant services are payment processing solutions for businesses who sell hemp-related products. These types of companies rely on high risk payment processors to accept credit card payments. Both online stores and retail locations have certain regulations that need to be followed in order to obtain merchant account solutions.

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Who Is Considered A Hemp-Related Merchant?

Hemp products include any items that are derived from or associated with the hemp plant – cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. Below you can see a list of the main types of business that sell products and services in this industry:


  • Bongs and Paraphernalia – Any items used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other smokable substances require high risk merchant accounts in order to process payments.
  • CBD Shops – CBD merchants sell products with cannabidiol. This is derived from the hemp plant much like THC, however, CBD became federally legal in 2018. Users purport that the effects of CBD are much more mild and calming, thereby creating less of a legal problem when it comes to distributing goods for consumption. 
  • Delta 8, Delta 9 – Delta strains approximate the effects of THC without having to deal with the legal landscape. These strains are in a gray area when it comes to payment processing, but there are certainly companies that can provide you merchant accounts for the sale of these products. 
  • Hemp Clothing  – Hemp can also be used for its fibers which can weave together to form any kind of textile good. Blankets, shoes, shirts, hats, and more can all be derived from hemp. These items are lower risk than their consumable counterparts.
  • Ingestible Hemp – Ingestibles or consumables are hemp products you can eat. Any edible item is considered a supplement and is not regulated by the FDA. As such any health claims are looked at with a more stringent eye from banks and governing bodies. 
  • Marijuana – Marijuana is certainly on the list of hemp-related products, and is perhaps the most recognized. This product however is still illegal in many states, and only allowed with a doctor’s note in others where it’s considered legalized.
  • Smoke Shops – Smoke shops sell a wide range of items including pipes, and paraphernalia, together these items have different regulations and need to be looked at individually. Selling online often has separate restrictions when it comes to payment processing.

  • Topical CBD – Topical items such as lotions, creams, and sales are spread on your skin and absorbed. They may be pain relieving creams or other types of claim-driven agents. In any case, be sure not to overstate the intended results.

New Changes For Hemp Merchants

Hemp merchants have seen many advances over the years. From the 2018 Farm Bill to increased state freedom for the sale of CBD and other products. These changes have increased business growth and paved the way for vast changes in internet marketing.


In the past, it was difficult for hemp merchants to obtain payment processing, but with advances in legal culture many businesses are opening their doors to new opportunities in the field. Google recently updated their policy to allow certain ads on their search platform. As a result, online merchants have an increased opportunity to reach new audiences.

Online Hemp and Cannabidiol Business

The Google change in hemp searching gives small shops the opportunity to advertise locally and beyond. This means many small businesses that sell CBD will be reaching out to high risk processors in order to take the next step in accepting payments and growing their business. 

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