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Gas Station POS Systems

Gas Station POS Systems

Gas station POS systems are more than just payment processing terminals, they’re complete resources to help you organize your business. Gas stations have many moving pieces when it comes to customer transactions, and keeping them organized on a quality point-of-sale technology is essential.

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What Are Key Features Of Gas Station Point-of-Sale Devices?

There are multiple features that POS devices offer for gas stations and convenience marts, however, there are a few key ones that are a must-have for any store owner who wants the most from their payment processing tool.

  • Cash Discounting – Used throughout the gas station industry, cash discounting offers significant advantages to shop owners and customers who want to pay with cash instead of card. Also known as dual-pricing your payment should be set up in conjunction with this tool so you can easily offer it at the register.
  • Fuel Inventory Management – This tool is essential to any gas station in order to have proper fuel in stock for customers and forecasting future supply and demand. Monitor current fuel levels, and buying trends to better regulate purchases and deliveries.
  • Sales Reporting – Understand your business trends, which items are selling better than others, and review past transactions. All of these features should combine in easily-viewable reports that can help guide your business decisions
  • Real-Time Gas Price Changes – Gas prices change constantly, and your POS system should be able to keep up. Be sure you have an integration that connects directly with your out-front store pricing so the customer is paying exactly what you’re charging right when you make the change.
  • Pump-To-Register – Needless to say, your pumps should connect directly to your payment device so customers can come in and pay in cash. You’ll want a streamlined view for your cashiers to use that is quick and easy to put a dollar amount on.

Which Gas Station POS Systems Are The Best?

There are many POS systems that offer a range of features for gas station merchants, but some are better than others. We’ve put together a list of some all-in-one solutions that can help amplify your processes and provide you with useful organization tools.

  1. Petrosoft C-Store Office: Great for gas stations and convenience stores, this POS system has many key features that include inventory management, promotional and marketing enhancements, merchandise forecasting and rapid data entry.
  2. Pinnacle Palm POS: Used by gas merchants throughout the USA, Pinnacle offers a standing terminal equipped with a fleet of resources such as fuel control, payment processing, and customizable configurations.
  3. NCR Radiant POS: This tool helps you manage your petroleum levels while providing everything you need for easy food and item management.


Gas Station Payment Processing

Just as important as a quality POS system for your gas station or convenience store is your payment processing company. The top payment processors can integrate with whatever POS tool you use, while still providing you all the benefits of low fees and sustainable solutions. 


Whether you’re operating a single location or have pumps and stores around the city, your payment processor should provide you with a custom merchant account that caters to all your business needs. Be sure to reach out to Zen Payments today if you have any questions about how you can lower gas station credit card fees or if you want to know about the best tech in the industry.

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