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FFL Friendly Credit Card Processing

FFL Friendly Credit Card Processing

FFL friendly credit card processing allows licensed gun stores and firearms sellers to accept payments from customers using credit cards. As you know the Federal Firearms License or FFL is a federal certification that has specific rules for gun store owners. These include the ways that companies manufacture, deal, and import weapons or ammunition. Moreover, you want to ensure that the way you accept payments is according to these guidelines.

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What is FFL Friendly Credit Card Processing?

FFL (Federal Firearms License) friendly credit card processing refers to payment processing solutions that cater specifically to gun shops and other businesses in the firearms industry. These solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of FFL holders, including age verification and compliance with federal regulations.

The ability to accept payments is just one part of the solution. Monitoring sales, tracking inventory information, and creating reports are all features that are included with your payment gateway. Some gun stores also upgrade their system to include a complete management tool that integrates with a firearms payment gateway. Combined, these can make your company more efficient and identify opportunities for increased profits and upselling.

Why is FFL Friendly Credit Card Processing Important?

The firearms industry is heavily regulated, and many payment processors are hesitant to work with gun shops due to the brand risk associated with guns in general. High risk payment processors provide solutions to gun store owners where other standard processors like Paypal, Square, and Stripe do not.

Requirements For FFL License

There are many different requirements for an FFL license, and rules that prohibit certain people from buying firearms. Check out our detailed blog about how to obtain an FFL license to learn all about the history of the certification and what you can do to get one. 


How to Apply For Gun Friendly Credit Card Processing:

  1. Find A High Risk Merchant Account Provider: Though the name may sound suspect, “high risk” describes the bank’s perspective on certain industries in regards to their payment processing. Processors within this industry focus on customizing accounts. Better yet, they know your industry and work with firearms merchants to make the application process fast and easy. 

  2. Apply Online Or Give Them A Call: Next, you’ll want to start the application process. Usually this entails a standard form that you can find on their website, otherwise, you’ll want to give them a call and request a downloadable or editable version. Once you fill that out, they’ll know you’re interested in moving ahead.

  3. History and Documents: Afterwards, they’ll want to gather some information about your company and ensure that you’re operating where you claim. Many international companies apply for accounts in the USA, so proving your statehood is crucial for high risk merchant account providers.

  4. Underwriting And Review: Next they will look at your file and prepare a package for the bank to review. There, they’ll spell out the contract details including fees, anticipated sales volume, and reserve funds. At this point there is nothing for you to do, but wait for their message back your way.

  5. You Are Approved: After running through the above steps you’ll receive a message that says you’re approved or you may need to provide other information. Although it may seem like a lot of back and forth, if you have everything in order ahead of time, there’s a possibility you’ll get approved the same day.

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