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Startup Business Loans With No Revenue

Find a startup business loan with no revenue by looking in the right places and offering collateral along with compelling forecasting to placate investor woes. As your new business, you don’t have the advantage of a long revenue history, but you can find a way forward when it comes to financial growth and lending opportunities.

For startups, there are many options to get the funds you need to build your business. This article discusses the best places to obtain financing and gives tips on how you can apply.

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Where To Get A Startup Business Loan With No Money

Many small business loans require that a business has been operating for one to two years. However, it’s best to shop around and see the exact terms banks and lenders can offer if your startup has no money yet. Here are the best places to apply:

  1. Local Banks and Credit Unions – These are nearby locations that are owned and operated by families who live in the area. They share the same goals you have and want to drive business to a community by providing financial opportunities that have a personal element. You may have a connection with the owner whether it’s from sharing an alma mater or your kids attending the same sports. Reach out locally and find who is in your area that is willing to work with new businesses and trusting people.
  2. Startup Incubator Loans – From Shark Tank to local business clubs, startups have an allure to investors and communities who want to make claim to the next greatest creation. Incubators are groups of startups with lending leadership that helps organize everyone in a shared conversation and grant a path forward. This is by far the best and safest place to obtain financing if you have no revenue.
  3. USA Small Business Administration – The Small Business Administration also known as SBA has loans custom made for startups . Their Lender Match tool gives you the chance to send your information to multiple parties who can provide you with financing given your unique needs.

Apply For Startup Business Loans

The application process for startup loans is one of creativity and alternative options. Unlike loans that come after years of developing steady revenue, startups walk an uncertain path. As such, you’ll want to show lenders your capabilities to increase their investment and provide them with high returns .

Here are a few important ways to increase your likelihood of receiving a loan:

  • Research and Forecasting – When pitching your new idea for investment funds, research and forecasting goes a long way. If you have a detailed approach and a go-to-market strategy that you can explain thoroughly to an investment entity, then you’ll be on your way to approval.

Business Line Of Credit With No Revenue

A similar option to a loan is a business line of credit with no revenue. This is essentially putting startup costs on a credit card in order to hedge the bet that increased profits will come soon. These lines of credit are a great option because you only pay interest on the amount you take out.

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