Payment Processing for Firearms Businesses

processing for firearms businesses
Taylor Stika
February 06, 2023

As the firearms market continues to expand, it has become increasingly important for businesses in the industry to have efficient payment processing solutions. To this end, a recent Pew Research Center survey found that 30% of US adults own firearms and an even higher proportion, over 40%, live in households with guns. This substantial and rapidly growing market is estimated to be worth an impressive $12 billion, making payment processing a crucial aspect of success for firearms businesses . To streamline your payment processing and enhance your operations, discover how Zen Payments can help your firearms business.

Despite demand, finding payment solutions for firearms businesses is a challenge due to stigma. As a result, firearms businesses may be limited in their ability to accept credit card payments, which are a preferred method of payment for many customers. Fortunately, though, Zen Payments offers customized payment processing solutions specifically designed for firearms businesses. Additionally, they ensure that businesses can efficiently process payments and meet customer demand.

What Makes Firearms Dealers "High-risk" Businesses?

As a result of higher rates of chargebacks, fraud, and the sale of regulated goods, when it comes to payment processing, industries are often labeled as “high risk.” Specifically, gun shops fall into this category due to the complexities of firearms sales, including chargebacks, fraud, and regulations. Hence, at Zen Payments, we specifically cater to the needs of firearms businesses by offering payment processing solutions designed specifically for them. Understanding the unique challenges faced by these businesses, our aim is to simplify transactions and make the process as smooth as possible.

Guaranteed by the US Constitution, the right to own firearms is a fundamental one. However, the complex landscape of state laws and regulations can greatly vary, making firearms sales across state lines a complicated matter. The risk of breaking these regulations unintentionally increases, making it crucial for firearms businesses to have a payment processing solution that is well-versed in the intricacies of state laws and regulations. To simplify the payment process and ensure compliance, Zen Payments offers tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of firearms businesses.

The Rise of the Internet as it Relates to Payment Processing for Firearms Businesses

The internet has revolutionized the business world, allowing companies to reach wider audiences, operate more efficiently, and lower costs. While it provides new opportunities, it also brings new challenges to tackle. We understand these challenges and provide payment processing solutions to help your firearms business navigate the digital landscape and succeed in the ever-evolving e-commerce world.

Firearms dealers face numerous legal requirements, including background checks, age restrictions, and training. While selling firearms online expands the customer base, it also adds complexity to the transaction. Unlike other online purchases, firearms cannot be shipped directly to the buyer. Instead, they must be sent to a licensed firearms dealer. This additional step increases the risk of fraud and other issues in the already complex firearms sales process. At Zen Payments, we understand the challenges of selling firearms online and offer payment processing solutions to help mitigate these risks and simplify the process.

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High-Risk Industries are Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

It’s crucial to understand that a label of “high-risk business” does not automatically imply unethical behavior or wrongdoing. In fact, many legitimate businesses, due to the nature of their industry, may still be considered high-risk. Regardless of classification, all businesses should have equal access to fair and secure payment processing solutions.


Gun-Friendly Payment Processing

Credit card payment processing companies serve as a bridge between a customer’s bank and a merchant’s bank, enabling the flow of payments between the two accounts. These companies not only handle credit card and debit card transactions, but also other payment methods like check, mobile wallet, voice, text, and ACH payments.

Payment Aggregators and High-Risk Merchant Accounts

When it comes to accepting credit card payments, payment processors act as intermediaries between the customer’s bank and the merchant’s bank, facilitating the transfer of money between the two accounts. In addition to credit and debit cards, some payment processors also accept other forms of payment, such as checks, mobile wallets, voice, text, and ACH transactions .

However, not all payment processors are willing to work with firearms dealers, which are considered “high-risk” businesses. For example, some well-known processors like PayPal, Stripe, and Square avoid high-risk industries , while others refuse to process firearms sales altogether. Thus, it’s important to find a payment processor that specializes in working with high-risk businesses and allows firearms sales. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your business has the right tools to process payments.

Why Zen Payments is a Great Fit

For clarity, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. In addition to making your life easier by having a clear understanding of the services provided, the cost involved, and your expectations, this also makes doing business and providing services to you smoother and more effective for the payment processor. Furthermore, with the complexities associated with firearms sales, it’s even more important to have a comprehensive understanding of the process. Fortunately, a reliable payment processor like Zen Payments can provide you with that knowledge.

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Taylor Stika is the CEO and Founder of Zen Payments. With a background in the payment processing industry starting in 2015, Taylor has extensive experience in managing and optimizing payment systems. Under his leadership, Zen Payments has grown and developed into a reputable provider of high and low-risk payment.

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