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Non VBV Gateway

A Non VBV payment gateway gives you more freedom to accept transactions from less secure sources. VBV stands for Verified By Visa, and is an extra security feature that requires card holders to enter a password before a transaction is approved.

The downside to VBV is that the customer has to take extra steps to make a purchase. And as everyone with a successful ecommerce shop knows, the fewer steps in the checkout process, the better.

Why Is A Non VBV Payment Gateway Useful?

Non VBV credit card processing takes away a headache for a merchant and customer by keeping the checkout process sleek and simple. In certain countries and regions Verified By Visa gives an added layer of protection to the merchant who is interested in avoiding potential fraud. But for businesses that operate in the US, it’s often perceived as a frivolous step.

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Are Non VBV Payment Gateways Secure?

Yes, non VBV payment gateways are very secure and comprise most of the payment gateways used around the world. Keep in mind VBV is an additional tool that many popular gateways offer, so the gateway itself isn’t the issue, the added security lies in customer verification.

You should worry about the security of your customer transactions if you’re selling high dollar items or if you’ve had issues with fraud in the past, but overall if you’re selling goods at competitive prices to US-based customers, then a non VBV gateway is the way to go.

Pros Of Verified By Visa

Some transactions aren’t all about speed, and added security can be beneficial for both the business owner, and the person purchasing goods. For example, industries like pawn shops, jewelry shops, antique vendors, and luxury goods distributors often sell high ticket items. When large sums of money are on the line, it’s best to be safe with where your goods are going.

How To Get A Non VBV Gateway

Due to the increased risk with a non VBV transaction, your best bet is to use a high risk merchant account provider like Zen Payments. Zen Payments works with multiple industries and has numerous high risk solutions. More than that, if you want to hedge fraud, reduce chargebacks, or open up an ACH merchant account then speak with our team who can guide you to the right place.

High Ticket Merchant Account

A high ticket merchant account is an example of a high risk merchant account that can benefit from the use of VBV security. Customers should opt-in for the service before taking the next step and sending thousands of dollars through your payment gateway. For you as a vendor of goods, this means setting up a gateway with a VBV option that collects a phone number and sends a unique code before initiating a transaction.

ACH Merchant Account

If you’re looking for unique payment gateway solutions it may be best to find alternative options such as ACH payment processing. ACH or Automated Clearing House is an organization that oversees payment security from bank-to-bank transactions. ACH as a monetary exchange is similar to a wire transfer, and considered one of the safest methods of payment as long as the receiver and sender are legitimate and verified.

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  • - Why Is A Non VBV Payment Gateway Useful?
  • Are Non VBV Payment Gateways Secure?
  • Pros Of Verified By Visa
  • How To Get A Non VBV Gateway
  • - High Ticket Merchant Account
  • - ACH Merchant Account
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