gunbroker payment gateway

Gunbroker Payment Gateway

Gunbroker works with payment gateways that allow customers to checkout immediately. This rapid method of processing payments helps customers travel through the sales process. This technology is essential for firearms merchants who want to ensure an easy buying process on their ecommerce site.

One of the most beneficial features of the gateway is that it connects the buyer to the seller directly after the listing ends. Moreover, it allows the two parties to continue the conversation and work through the details of the transaction. If there are any more questions, such as shipping requests, they can review them at this stage.

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Zen Payments and Gunbroker

Zen Payments is on the list of approved gateways for Gunbroker . This partnership helps firearms companies streamline their sales process through the website. If you’re interested in selling through Gunbroker or are selling firearms online, be sure to contact Zen Payments to help with your payment processing needs.

How Does Gunbroker Work?

Gunbroker is like eBay for firearms . It’s a platform that allows users to post items for sale, and have viewers bid on them. They offer two main types of payment models – Flat rate payment, and auction.

Flat Rate Payment – The seller sets a negotiable rate for the item they’re selling. If a buyer is interested in the item they can click “Buy Now” and purchase it immediately, or they can “Make Offer”, in that case, they can submit a price they think is fair for the merchandise. The Seller can accept that offer and notify the buyer to complete the transaction.

Auction Style Listing – Auction-based listings usually start low and work their way up over time. As more people view, and take interest in an item, the true value is more closely reflected. The item is also listed for a predetermined time. At the end of time, the highest bidder wins the ability to purchase the product. This format helps the seller receive the highest payment in the market. To note, the final day of biddings is when the value of most listings increases drastically.

Selling On

Gunbroker provides a great way for current gun merchants to expand sales online and introduce their products to a national audience. The website gives you the freedom to post as many or as few listings as you want. In addition, the more you sell, the more you can develop your authority and reputation as a vendor.

Most importantly, Gunbroker is set up as a firearms friendly website and follows all of the necessary manatees for selling online. They have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) so they are equipped to navigate the legal necessities of the sale. As such, they follow state and federal law when it comes to selling certain items.

Registering For

Follow these steps to register for an account on account:

  1. Fill out their basic form with your phone number, date of birth, and name.
  2. They will reach out and send you a link detailing next steps.
  3. Provide your registration code and be prepared to share the following
    1. Full Name
    2. Street Address
    3. Phone Number
    4. Email

Afterwards, you can confirm the information is valid and activate your account. The process is extremely fast and easy. It gives you the freedom to sell as a large store or a small time seller.

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