Echeck Merchant Account

Echeck Merchant Account

An echeck merchant account allows you to accept online payments in a way that’s similar to traditional paper checks. Many companies use them as a method to accept payments over the phone, via email, or for subscription billing as well.

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Echeck High Risk Merchant Account

Echeck high risk merchant accounts are great for businesses who want an alternative way of accepting payments. In some cases, companies aren’t able to find the credit card processing solutions they want because they are in a new industry or selling unique goods. That’s where echecks come in. Because they circumvent the regulations imposed by major credit card companies, you’re able to take payments quickly and without added fees.

High Risk Industries For Echecks

Some industries call for different types of payments such as echeck payment processing . This can be due to regulations within the legal environment, or companies that wanted added security to their transactions. Here are a few major high risk companies that work well with echecks:

  • CBD – There are many regulations in CBD payment processing, but echecks are a way to get approved fast for a merchant account.
  • Firearms – With FFL regulations being the main standard for licensed vendors, have a secure transaction with a customer account is key to connect payment data when needed.

How Does An Electronic Check Work?

An electronic check uses a customers bank account number and routing number in order to connect the transaction data to the right source. Paper checks have this information printed at the bottom, so it’s very similar in this way. The transaction amount is authorized and confirmed by an echeck payment gateway that the customer can interact with at checkout.

Echeck vs Credit Card Processing

One of the biggest differences with echecks is the lower payment processing fees . Credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express charge a fee for all companies who accept their cards, but going directly to someone’s bank account avoids this charge.

Echeck vs ACH Payments

Echecks and ACH payments work hand-in-hand, however ACH allows you the ability to bill on a recurring basis. This is because the Automated Clearing House (ACH) sets standards for retaining customer information which need to be followed in order to repeat transfers. Similarly, direct deposits work as ACH payments as well.

In relation to wire transfers and electronic funds transfers (EFT) , echecks are considered a subcategory of them. At this point there are specific terms which delineate the types of transaction which is more relevant to the transfer being made, but as a merchant rest assured that echeck payments will be all you need to accept bank transfers for goods from services.

Echecks For Subscription Billing

Echecks are ideal for subscription billing companies because they are considered a more secure form of payment. Money is transferred directly from a customer’s checking or saving account. This reduces chargeback rates and allows a steady transfer of funds over time.

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  • High Risk Industries For Echecks
  • - How Does An Electronic Check Work?
  • Echeck vs Credit Card Processing
  • Echeck vs ACH Payments
  • - Echecks For Subscription Billing
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