Bad Credit Merchant Accounts

Don't let bad credit hold you back




As a business owner, your personal credit can affect your operation in many ways. If you have bad credit, you may have trouble getting financing from a bank. Vendors and suppliers may also be leery of extending a credit line if you have a spotty payment history.

Another way that a low credit score can hold your business back is when you're seeking a merchant payment processing account to enable your customers to pay for their purchases via credit or debit card. If you're in this situation, Zen Payments is a bad credit merchant provider that can come to your rescue.

Any Good Business

Bad Credit Merchant Accounts are Zen Payments has been dealing with for years. We do not believe that your own personal credit score as a business owner should be the main factor that affects your ability to obtain a merchant account.

Here at Zen Payments, we have been helping those with less than stellar credit get merchant accounts so we can help! Merchants with scores as low as 500 are eligible for a merchant account through our approval process. As a matter of fact, we have a 98% approval rating for those with above 500 credit scores.

We will help your business get up and running as well as set up your merchant account. Though bad credit is starting with a strike against you, if you can show you intend to operate a good business and have the financials to back it then we will support you. Many times, all you need is a merchant service provider to give you that chance to succeed.

Bad Credit Merchant Accounts Are High-Risk

Merchants with bad credit can really struggle in getting a merchant account. They struggle because of the risk that the banks are taking on. When the bank sees a merchant with a poor credit score, high debt, and late payments on their history can make banks decide that they are not worth the risk even though they have business funding.

Whenever a merchant with bad credit applies for a merchant account, they will undergo an underwriting process that ultimately determines their approval despite all else. In order to give yourself the best chance to get approved we recommend that any merchant with poor credit brings the following for consideration.

 Bank statements

 Paying off balances

 Processing history

 Website and policies

 Your credit

In general, merchants who are able to present these items during the underwriting process are much more likely to get approved. We’re here to help, for this reason, we want to make sure you have every tool necessary to succeed.


Why Zen Payments for Bad Credit Merchant Account?

Do not let your personal credit be the reason you put off starting a business. Zen Payments is willing to work with honest merchants in any industry. Although your credit will make the process more difficult, it won’t make it impossible. All things considered, we have a higher approval rate than most payment processors and are willing to work to get you where you need to go. We take the time in guiding you through the underwriting process because we want you to get approved.

If you have any questions give us a call today!

Other Benefits of Choosing Us for Merchant Services for Bad Credit

When you select Zen Payments as your bad credit merchant account provider, you'll benefit from:

  • More options: Some providers of bad merchant credit accounts only work with one bank when seeking approval for their clients. At Zen Payments, we partner with more than 15 leading financial institutions. With so many options available, we have the flexibility to find the ideal match for your business.
  • Relationship-oriented service: Many of our competitors view their relationships with merchants as short-term situations. At Zen Payments, we strive to foster long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships with every client. We'll be there to support you with reliable bad credit merchant account services for as long as you stay in business.
  • No hidden expenses: We believe in upfront, transparent pricing with no buried costs or other surprises. You'll receive an itemized pricing list when you sign up for our bad credit merchant services, and the fees won't change during your account's life span. This cost consistency will give you extra peace of mind.
  • Around-the-clock support: If you ever have a question or issue with your open bad credit merchant account, we're available to assist you. You can reach our customer service team 24 hours a day via email or by telephone during business hours for a fast resolution. As your partner, we want to help you optimize your business in any way we can.
  • Services available for numerous industries: We can assist with setting up bad merchant accounts for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. Examples include collections, firearms, nutraceuticals, travel, web design and many others. We'll be happy to discuss your options with you.

Our Team Is Here to Help

As you work to improve your financial situation, our team will always be available to support you. If you are concerned about chargebacks affecting your bottom line, our chargeback reduction programs can help mitigate their potential damage. Let’s work together to stabilize your business so you can succeed.

We'll Help You Find Your Zen

It doesn't take long for most of our bad credit merchant processing clients to discover how easy it is to work with Zen Payments. We know that your less-than-perfect credit history may have led to rejection and avoidance from other providers. You're in for a welcome change when you partner with us. Starting with the initial contact, we'll treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve, giving you a calm, peaceful feeling.

Do You Have Bad Credit?

Discover for yourself what separates Zen Payments from our competitors and makes us your best choice for bad credit merchant account solutions. Start your journey today by contacting our knowledgeable merchant services specialists to learn more. Call us at 844-661-0725 or get in touch with our team online today.