Subscription Based Paymnt Processing


Subscription Merchant Accounts

Subscription services have grown exponentially over the last 5 years, and so has the number of subscription merchant accounts. Consumers value pricing and convenience above all else. Subscriptions will offer better pricing.  When it automatically bills the customer doesn’t have to spend their time making the same purchase month after month. So whether you are selling physical products, digital goods, workout programs, or other accessories, subscriptions are a great way to retain Customers. Especially long-term customers. Many of our merchants offer these subscriptions, and this has helped us become consistent in obtaining subscription merchant accounts. Businesses that offer subscription continuity payment plans can be more difficult place and are considered high risk in today’s payment processing standards. Securing a payment provider for your subscription-based company makes it so you can process transactions quickly and efficiently. We work with banks that specialize in this industry and understand the risk involved. We've got your subscription continuity payment processing covered!




Risks of Subscription Merchant Accounts

Subscription Continuity Merchant accounts are considered high risk. This is largely due to the number of chargebacks that occur as well as the high volume of sales. As with anything in the payment processing world, when chargebacks are present, there is a risk. The reason that Subscription merchant accounts are more prone to chargebacks is because of the amount of card-not-present transactions. The automated billing process also increases the chance of chargebacks and fraud. Whether it is people forgetting to cancel their subscriptions, cancel their free trials, or not realizing that they would be billed in perpetuity. As with any card-not-present transaction, the chance for fraud goes up as well. The best way to protect your business from chargebacks and poor reviews is by having open transparent policies. When your customers understand your business model from the start and know they can get refunds easily, they are much more likely to talk to you, rather than filing a chargeback with their bank. Because they know knew what to expect when signing up with you for your service, this is a best practice that we want all of our merchants to practice. Simply because the vaguer your policies are, the higher your chargeback rate will be. 


Types of Subscription Merchants

Here at Zen Payments, we are pioneers in the continuity merchant account services world. We have been servicing high risk merchants for the last 15 years, and have taken the time to truly understand your industry. Some of the high risk subscription merchants that we have are



 SaaS Software

 Subscription Boxes

These are just a few of the industries that we specialize in. Subscriptions are becoming more and more pertinent in today’s entertainment age. Whether it’s the canceling of traditional TV providers, Software companies switching almost exclusively SaaS business models, or even something like Spotify or Apple music we live in the age of subscriptions. This is because when you build a subscription model, growth and revenue are much easier to account for, and you are bringing in continuous growth and need for your product. Additionally, because subscription services are up, so is the need for subscription merchant services.


Why Zen Payments for your Subscription Merchant Account

We have thousands of merchants who fit the bill for a subscription continuity merchant accounts. We are currently the nation’s number one provider of subscription merchant accounts. Every client undergoes a thorough underwriting process to ensure they are a good fit, and then we work with our connection of banks to ensure you get not only the best rate but that the merchant account is always able to process payments. We value long-lasting merchant accounts. Nobody wants to have frozen funds and merchant accounts getting shut down because they didn’t go with the right payment processor the first time. We’ve been in the industry for years and handled this for thousands of merchants. Let us focus on the processing, while you focus on bringing your customers the best subscription you can.

Honest Merchant Services

At Zen Payments, we provide transparent, honest, and reliable subscription continuity merchant services. We’ll be here to support you 24/7 and help navigate you through the process of setting up your continuity merchant account. When you start your subscription-based service, partner with Zen Payments to be protected against excess chargebacks and frozen funds that come from a terminated merchant account. Call us today to find out how to start processing your subscription payments today!

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