Tech Support Merchant Account

tech support merchant account
Kolby Nielson
October 28, 2022

A tech support merchant account is a special type of payment processing solution for companies that operate in this unique vertical. Banks categorize tech support as high risk , and as a result, certain payment processing companies won’t onboard tech companies. Luckily, Zen Payments provides custom solutions to help your business accept credit card payments both online and in-person.

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Why Is Tech Support High Risk?

Technical support has many characteristics that qualify it as high risk. Below are some of the major reasons banks consider. For many of these, businesses can reduce their risk profile by increasing security and creating USA-based work locations that are locked-down from cyber attacks.

  • Offshore Labor – Offshore means hiring people outside of the USA, whereas outsourcing could be a USA-based hire that’s not on payroll. The dangerous part about offshore hiring is many employers will never see the people, place, work conditions, or security measures their employees utilize. Offshoring adds risk each step of the way.

Remote Connecting – Many of the most common security breaches and cyber attacks occur through a remote connection. Connecting to anyone’s personal or business computer, leaves them extremely vulnerable to threats. Because of this payment processors are very careful when it comes to onboarding new accounts in the tech servicing space.

Best Merchant Account For Tech Support

The top tech support merchant account providers for tech support will give you the ability to accept credit card payments with a sustainable account. Each of the major merchant account providers offer different benefits and features to their merchant account, but the top ones have the following.

Top 5 Features of The Best Tech Support Merchant Account:

  • Fraud Protection – Going hand-in-hand with chargeback reduction is fraud protection. This is because fraud is a common cause for chargebacks. And with both, identifying problematic transactions is key. However, there are other ways fraud can harm a business. For example, friendly fraud is when a customer claims they didn’t receive a service (when they did) and they either ask for a refund or file a chargeback. Recognizing buying patterns or historically malicious accounts is your key to staying protected from fraudulent transactions.
  • Low Fees – Most merchants don’t know, but fees are negotiable. Your payment processor is providing you a much needed service, but the rate should not be egregious. Talk with your sales person and discuss the standard rates for your merchant account to see if you can lower the cost. Top payment processors will work with you to gain your business. This means compromising on fees as well as reworking the way your fee structure operates. For example, you may want to lower transaction costs while maintaining overall percentages or vice versa.

Fast or Automatic Approvals – Speed is always an important factor in the financial sphere. The faster you get your account approved, the sooner you’ll be able to start selling through your new account. And more importantly, you’ll have access to profits or investment funds to grow your business. Your payment processing comping should be able to gather all of the underwriting information they need quickly and approve on the spot. Top companies have automated services that do this immediately for low risk businesses. However, because tech support is high risk there may be a short waiting time while they review your information manually.

tech support merchant account

Payment Processing in the USA

Payment processing in the United States has different regulations than that of other countries. In the USA, there are many governing bodies who ensure digital transactions are secure. Moreover, these agencies have regulations and enforce standards when it comes to how businesses operate in the payments space.

The Automated Clearing House or ACH is in charge of regulating standards and enforcing safe transactions for customers. On the other hand, major card providers like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express operate on the trust. As long as customers trust credit cards, they can continue to operate. That’s why they’ve implemented stricter standards over the years and hold banks and businesses accountable to them.

Decreasing Risk For International Tech Support

The tech support industry is often composed of international branches and offshore labor. Consequently, worldwide services and transactions open up your company to higher risks of fraud and cyber attacks.

In order to reduce your risk profile as a company, you’ll need to adhere to strict security and data validation practices. Here are some of the best ways to keep your business secure for international transactions.

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Kolby Nielson is a dedicated sales representative at Zen Payments, specializing in approving merchants and assisting businesses in their payment processing needs. His expertise and commitment have made him a trusted partner for countless businesses, ensuring smooth and efficient payment solutions.

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