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Astrology Merchant Account

An astrology merchant account is used by purveyors of cosmic fortune who require credit card processing. With an astrology merchant account, your company can accept payments from customers interested in learning more about themselves through the stars.

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How To Obtain An Astrology Merchant Account?

To obtain an astrology merchant account you’ll want to apply to a select type of merchant account providers known as high risk payment processors . These companies have a wider range of banking resources that cater to unique businesses. Better yet, they can guide you through the onboarding process and help lower your rates as they learn more about your business.

These few simple steps will get you on your way toward having a merchant account and accepting credit cards in no time:

  1. Contact A High Risk Provider – For example, Zen Payments provides the resources you need to offer credit cards as payment options for customers. Our customer service specialists will answer any questions you have about setting up an account.
  2. Fill Out The Application – Next, you’ll want to apply. Fill out the application on their website or on the downloadable version they share. This is the start of the information gathering step which will help build your file.
  3. Supply Essential Documents – These documents include your sales history, owner identity information, and a brief description about how your business operates.
  4. Underwriting – This is where the bank puts together your contract details. After they write it up, they’ll send you a final contract to sign.
  5. Merchant Account Approval – You’re approved! If you’ve completed all the steps and you qualify, then you’ll be on your way to accept credit cards. Your payment processor will contact you with onboard details and help you set up any technology you need like a credit card reader aka a terminal, or an online payment gateway.

Why Is a High Risk Merchant Account In Astrology Important?

Standard merchant account providers such as Square, Stripe, or PayPal may consider astrology a banned service, and not allow them to use their payment processing services . This is because they veer away from items or services that make claims regarding future forecasting or personal projections.

Nonetheless, there is significant demand for people who want to learn what their future may hold, so alternative banking sources provide channels for astrological interpreters to accept payments. Additionally, a merchant account is critical so you can offer customers the most convenient way to pay – credit card.

Online Astrology Payment Processing

With new types of fortune telling shops taking the spotlight as online services, many are seeking payment processing as a solution to accept payments from customers . If you’re scaling your astrology, tarot card reading, or palm reading store, you’ll want to be sure your method for accepting payments is sound.

A common issue that occurs for companies who provide fortune telling is chargebacks . These can be an issue if fortunes don’t come true if a customer isn’t happy with their experience. A generous refund policy can help, but having a high risk processor with an increased allowance for chargebacks can go a long way toward helping you keep your business bank account.

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