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Best Echeck Processing

Best Echeck Processing

The best echeck processing provider gives you the resources to get approved fast and maintain low fees. These two major factors are key characteristics of Zen Payments. We have echeck processing solutions that will give you the ability to accept payment directly from bank accounts. 


Top echeck processors can get you custom accounts based on your industry. Each business vertical has their own standards when it comes to payment processing. Moreover, some are better suited to have echeck merchant accounts instead of standard credit card processing.

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What To Look For In an Echeck Merchant Account

Low Rate Echeck Processing

The lower the fees for echeck processing, the more money you save in the long run. Echeck is considered less risky and therefore has a lower premium. Talk to your merchant account provider and compare costs for the service.

Fast Approvals

You should be able to have fast or even automatic approvals when signing up for an echeck merchant account. Unlike credit card processing, banks don’t have to adhere to the standards Visa and Mastercard impose, so banks are less strict in their underwriting process.

Echeck Processing Industries

Certain industries are better suited to accept direct payments rather than credit card transactions. The list below details the industries best suited for echeck payments, but it’s not exhaustive. There are a few different reasons each benefits each share such as risk, cost, and consistency.  


Apartment Rentals – Rentals agreements are often supported by credit history and background checks that companies run before renting out a residence. This is because the payments are high and they want to make sure renters qualify. You can lower the risk of this interaction by automating payments from a bank account instead of a credit transaction. Moreover, you 


Coaching and Events – Coaching and events are excellent industries for echeck processing. Coaching can be in-person where the coach is a presenter at a conference, or online as a coaching educational service. Similarly events are billed as the occasional high ticket item and should be secure with money transferred before the event if possible.


Gym Membership – Gym memberships are billed by the month and usually last for a year. This means there will be twelve transactions per member per year. Overall, you can save a lot of money by transferring these members to an echeck processing account. Billing directly from their bank account will not only lower your payment processing fees, but it also decreases chargebacks rates and results in more consistent payments from customers. 


Subscription Billing – Subscription billing is one of the best industries for echeck processing. Each month your company relies on steady payments, and the best way to ensure that is to automate them from bank accounts. Credit card fees add up, but direct debit transactions are cost effective especially for ongoing billing models. 


High Ticket Sales – If you sell items with a high ticket value, that means your average purchase can be upwards of $500. This adds risk to your merchant account because of the possibility of chargebacks and fraud. Automatically withdrawing cash via an echeck gives you a cost, time, and security advantage.

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