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Recurly Payment Gateway

Recurly Payment Gateway

There are many different payment technology providers that work as Recurly payment gateway. Each of them has their own advantages and works with a respective merchant account. With the gateway equipped you can use Recurly to set up subscription billing and use it as a fully functional online tool. 


Overall, Recurly provides what’s equivalent to a CRM for ecommerce businesses that want to use recurring or subscription billing. There are numerous ways to incorporate this type of payment in your buying cycle and to charge customers for your products or services.

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Recurly Review

Recurly’s main feature is speed. Speed to set up, implement, and see returns on your new billing model. Created by developers, their platform allows you to quickly onboard clients and track their transactions throughout their customer life cycles. Moreover, you can apply these features all over the world as it has the ability to move into new markets and countries with ease.  


Recurly also has an impressive list of customers, such as Paramount, Speedo, Sling, Twitch, and Fubo to name a few.  From enterprise level accounts to startups, their testimonials and history speak to their ability to meet the needs of their customers.

Chargebee Payment Gateway

A Chargebee payment gateway can be used similarly to Recurly. In fact, they are the lead competitor. Both companies offer recurring billing services and have similar features and can help organize your subscription model with added technology. 


Chargebee is a subscription management tool that helps you implement new payment models into your business. You can manage purchases within the app which fully integrates into all types of mobile devices. 


Additionally, your product catalog can be viewed in multiple currencies, and levels of billing frequency such as weekly, monthly or yearly. Lastly, you can expand internationally and track multiple currencies at once. Chargebee is an excellent alternative to Recurly in terms of subscription capabilities.

How Does Recurring Billing Work?

Recurring billing is most useful for companies that want to have consistent income and provide steady goods or services to customers. There are a number of common examples where this is useful, and seen as the standard business model within the industry. Some of those are as follows: 


  • Subscription Box Companies – Monthly deliveries of a customer’s favorite item or combination of products with a shared theme. Subscription boxes exist in nearly every product category and are popular for their unique amalgamation of items they offer to the buyer. Dollar Shave Club and Book of the Month are examples of subscription box brands.

  • Medicine or Nutraceuticals Subscription Billing – Most supplements are most effective if taken over time. As a result, many nutra companies find this type of billing model to work well for helping them keep track of orders and charge for purchase month over month.

  • Software Subscription Billing – Software services such as Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite, and SEMRush are great examples of ongoing software subscriptions. They offer software as a service (SaaS) and charge each month. Licenses are usually tiered and come with extra features or user capabilities the more you pay.

  • Home and Apartment Rental Monthly Billing – One of the most common examples is rentalship. If you live in an apartment or house that you rent, then your monthly payments are automated through a billing platform. Other rental services like self storage or PODS, use this same model.

  • Travel Payments Recurring Billing – Travel businesses in the past years have turned to recurring billing as a great way to take on new customers with flexible and steadier budgets. Vacation planners can implement payment models based on affordable options for multiple audiences with different levels of luxury

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