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Vape and E-Cigarette Merchant Accounts

We understand how difficult it can be for vape and e-cigarette merchants to find a reliable payment processor. Because of heavy FDA regulations and other risk factors, it can be difficult to establish banking relationships with traditional payment processors, and many e-cigarette merchants experience rejection when looking for a credit card processor.

At Zen Payments, we have years of experience setting up vape merchant accounts and have a deep understanding of payment processing in the e-cig and vape industry. We will help you obtain merchant services and set up payment processing quickly and with low fees.

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Merchants in the e-cigarette and vape industry often find it difficult to set up merchant accounts or obtain merchant solutions because this industry has been deemed high-risk. There are multiple reasons an industry or business type may be considered high risk. These include high chargeback ratios, high susceptibility to fraud or illegal activity, a large number of total returns, or industry regulations.

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Some of these common reasons also apply to vape merchant accounts. However, the vape industry comes with added risks because of the nature of the product. These are the main risks associated with the e-cigarette industry that merchant services providers and payment processors worry about.

  • High chargeback ratio: Like other common high-risk merchants, one of the biggest reasons that vape companies need high-risk merchant accounts for payment processing is that they often experience a high chargeback rate.
  • Difficult to enforce age legality: Because customers must be 18 to purchase electronic cigarettes and other vape products legally, every e-cig and vape business is at risk of illegal purchases from those who are underage.
  • Can cause helth problems: Although some health organizations consider electronic cigarettes safer than cigarettes, they can still pose health risks to customers. This gives traditional payment processors pause when deciding which businesses to approve.
  • FDA regulations: Because of strict FDA regulations, vape products can sometimes fall into grey areas when it comes to approvals. Payment processors worry that vape merchants may sell unregulated products, resulting in problems with the FDA.
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If you are a merchant in the vaping industry, you'll need to look into obtaining a high-risk merchant account for payment processing and payment gateways.

Companies that offer high-risk vape merchant accounts understand your industry and the risks that come along with it. They'll be able to help you find a vape merchant account and merchant services that fit your company's needs whether you focus on accepting online payments or have a traditional storefront. Look for a vape merchant account provider with industry expertise and low fees. Many e-cigarette businesses choose an inexperienced partner for their vape account and credit card processor and end up paying too much in fees.

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Credit card processing is key to cigarette sales, whether you run an online vape store or a vape or smoke shop. If you'll be doing most payment processing in-store, you'll need a physical setup that allows you to accept credit card payments physically.

That's where we come in! We'll work with you to create custom payment processing solutions and a retail vape merchant account. We have a variety of options for e-cigarette merchant accounts. We offer a virtual terminal for manual payment processing without a website and multiple physical credit card terminal options. We'll work to provide the merchant services that fit your business as an e-cigarette merchant. We'll also work to connect you with a payment processor who has experience with the vape industry.

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If your e-cigarette or vape business offers products online, you'll need vape payment processing along with a secure payment gateway. Payment gateways are key to the debit and credit card processing that comes with online payments. They keep credit card information secure and ensure it gets to the right places. At Zen Payments, we have years of experience setting up cig merchant accounts and payment gateways for an online business. We offer a variety of options and have relationships with over a dozen financial institutions, which means we'll get your vape business set up with a merchant account and payment gateway that fit your needs perfectly. That's why Zen Payments is the company to turn to for e-cig merchant accounts and payment processing.


Many merchant account providers offer instant approval. Choosing one of these companies can be tempting because you'll be able to process payments quickly. However, most of these payment processors skip the formal underwriting step. This means you face the risk of having your account shut down or your funds placed on hold once they realize you are an e-cigarette merchant.

You need to choose a company with experience in the e-cigarette industry to ensure you are continually able to accept payments with no worries. That's where we come in! At Zen Payments, we specialize in high-risk industries, including the vape and e-cigarette industry. We will get you set up with an e-cig merchant account and payment provider that has the industry expertise to work with vape shops.

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At Zen Payments, we make it easy to obtain a vape merchant account. We'll create a custom payment processing solution based on what your business needs, whether that's an e-cigarette merchant account, a payment processor, and/or a secure payment gateway.

Next, you'll apply and go through the application process. Because we have an approval rate of 98%, you won't have to stress as we walk you through the application and underwriting process. Once you've been approved, we'll help you get your merchant account set up, and you'll be ready for credit card processing!

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Zen Payments has been providing merchant services to companies in the vape business for years. We have the industry expertise to get you set up with custom payment processing solutions, including vape payment processing, a high-risk merchant account, and everything else you need to start accepting credit cards online and manually.

We pride ourselves on offering the lowest rates among merchant account providers, so you can maximize your revenue from e-cigarette sales. If you need high-risk payment processing and merchant services, there's no better company to work with.

We also have relationships with over 15 financial institutions, including high-risk banks who are accustomed to working with vape-related businesses and e-cigarette companies. We'll find the perfect financial partner for you.

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Top Benefits of Working
With Zen Payments

There's a reason vape merchants love working with Zen Payments. In fact, there are many! Here are the top benefits you'll get when you choose to set up a high-risk vape merchant account with us.

High Approval Rates

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all businesses to succeed in the marketplace. We are proud to offer some of the highest approval rates in the industry, boasting a 98% approval rate for account services. This includes support for merchants with credit scores as low as 500.

Vast Network of 15+ Financial Institutions

We partner with a vast network of over 15 banks and processing institutions, allowing us to provide optimal payment solutions tailored to your business. We are dedicated to finding the right partner and securing competitive rates for card processing services that fulfill your long-term requirements.

Low Fees

Many payment processors charge excessive fees for high-risk merchant services, often due to lack of experience in supporting high-risk clients. At Zen Payments, we have been offering the best rates to merchants for the past 15 years, and we take pride in helping businesses thrive. We won't add on excessive charges or fees.

Upfront Pricing

We believe in complete transparency regarding our clients' costs. With us, you'll never have to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges, regardless of how long you maintain a CBD payment processing account. We also provide an itemized statement upon sign-up, eliminating all guesswork.

Chargeback Prevention Tools

Our retail POS systems are designed to reduce the number of chargebacks that lead to a reversal of credit card funds received by your business. They assist in combating fraud and decreasing incidents where sales are processed without sufficient buyer funds. Additionally, you'll have all the necessary information to effectively dispute a chargeback. Chargeback prevention tools are key in this high-risk industry.

Industry-Leading Customer Support

If you encounter a technical issue or have questions about your vape merchant account, we're here to help. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available by phone during regular business hours and via email 24/7. If we don't have an immediate answer, we'll quickly find it for you.

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