When Do Chargeback Alerts Occur?

Chargeback Alerts

Chargeback alerts are informative notifications that give you advanced warning about when a chargeback could occur. These alerts trigger when there is a high chance that a customer might file a chargeback. Equip your business with an alert so you can lower chargeback ratios and stop them in their tracks.

The best company for issuing chargeback alerts is Zen Payments. They have a range of partner solutions that can plugin to your website and gateway in order to stop chargebacks before they occur.

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When Do Chargeback Alerts Occur?

There are a few factors that contribute to when an alert gets triggered. With the right response and a keen focus on driving process changes, these alerts can create a filter between your business and the potential for chargebacks. Here’s what the alerts cover:

  1. Refund Requests : Firstly and most importantly, it’s in response to a customer action such as a refund request . In most cases a customer will try to get a refund from the business before filing through their bank. An advanced alert system integrates with your email and ticketing system to track key phrases such as “refund” that you should be aware of as potential chargeback issues.
  2. Customer History : On the other side, there may be customers that have a reputation for chargebacks and fraud. If you’re able to identify potential threats, then you’re one step ahead of their game. If a customer with an unscrupulous history of credit card charges buys your product, you can receive an indicator to watch out for a potential bad transaction.
  3. Missed Delivery : Linking your alerts to shipping and transportation gives you the ability to see when and where customer products are located. If a shipment is behind schedule, you can receive an alert and send a message to the customer letting them know to wait it out as their item will be arriving soon.

How To Lower Chargebacks

As a business owner it’s important to know what causes chargebacks and how to stop them ahead of time. Alerts can be a ping notification to your phone or an email that gives you the heads to take action when there is the first warning side of a chargeback.

How To Lower Chargebacks

High Risk Chargebacks

Some business types such as high risk industries see different kinds of chargeback issues. This is especially true if you’re in an industry with a high rate of returns like nutraceuticals, or if you’ve implemented subscription billing. Moreover, if your process for issuing refunds isn’t clean, you may want to implement chargeback alerts as a protocol for all potential customer complaints.

Teach Staff About Chargeback Mitigation

Properly training your staff, especially those involved in customer service and sales, can significantly reduce chargebacks . Educate your team on the importance of chargeback management and provide them with training on how to handle customer inquiries, complaints, and disputes effectively. Train them to identify potential fraudulent transactions and suspicious behaviors.

Provide them with tools and resources to quickly and efficiently respond to chargebacks and submit compelling disputes to increase the chances of successfully recovering lost revenue. Companies such as Chargebacks911 and Ethoca offer chargeback management solutions that provide training and resources to businesses for effective chargeback dispute management.

Looking At Your Chargeback History

Regularly monitor and analyze your chargeback data to identify any new patterns or trends that may emerge. Keep a close eye on any changes in chargeback patterns, transaction volumes , or customer feedback.

Use this data to identify areas for improvement in your business processes or customer interactions. Implement proactive measures to prevent recurring chargeback issues and continuously optimize your chargeback management strategy . Online tools such as Chargeback.com and ChargebackGurus provide chargeback analytics and reporting solutions that can help you monitor and analyze your chargeback data effectively.

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  • - How To Lower Chargebacks
  • High Risk Chargebacks
  • - Teach Staff About Chargeback Mitigation
  • Looking At Your Chargeback History
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