SaaS Payment Processing

SaaS Credit Card Processing includes code, mobile, database, network, pc, and app server payments
Lizzy Rosenberg
June 21, 2023

The best SaaS payment processing company is Zen Payments. They understand the subscription billing model and have useful payment resources for your merchant account toolkit. From fraud prevention to chargeback reduction, Zen Payments creates custom merchants accounts for your software products.

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SaaS Credit Card Processing

Most Saas companies accept credit cards through online billing. Moreover, customer transactions are often set up on a recurring or subscription model. This allows customers to use the product month over month or annually based on the contract they choose.

It’s important to consider a credit card processing provider that gives you extra features to manage customer accounts. For example, you want more than just the ability to accept a payment, you want to access ongoing accounts and see who missed a payment or changed cards.

Saas Merchant Accounts

In order to process payments online for your software business, you’ll need a Saas merchant account . This is a bank account that’s designed for your business model. Ideally, you work with a company like Zen Payments to minimize fees, and obtain all the additional features you’re looking for such as:

  • SaaS Subscription Billing: SaaS companies almost always utilize a subscription-based model. As a result, you should have the ability to manage features like automated billing, invoicing, and subscription history.
  • Fraud Prevention and Security: The last thing you want to happen is for your payment channel to fall victim to a velocity attack, fraud, or fake payments. In turn, SaaS businesses should be sure to prioritize fraud prevention and security to protect customer data and mitigate financial risks. Look for payment processing solutions with advanced fraud detection tools, encryption technologies, and PCI-DSS compliance to ensure secure transactions and safeguard sensitive information.
What To Look For In A SaaS Payment Processor

What To Look For In A SaaS Payment Processor

In the end, it comes to selecting a company that works well with you and your business. Here are the key items to look for when shopping around.

  • Scalability and Growth : Choose payment processing solutions that can scale with your business. As your customer base grows, the system should seamlessly handle increasing transaction volumes without compromising performance.
  • User Experience : A smooth and intuitive payment experience means higher conversions and return customers. Be sure to look into the best one for your sales funnel.

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