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Gunbroker Pay for Your Firearms Business

gunbroker pay for your online firearms business
Lizzy Rosenberg
October 25, 2022

During the first quarter of 2020, approximately 5.1 million Americans purchased their first gun . Online firearm retailers have reported increases in sales during the pandemic, and you need your business to keep up with the demand of gunbroker pay.

Navigating gunbroker pay platforms can be challenging, especially when using popular sites like Gunbroker. Yet, if you want to set up a platform where you can learn how to receive gunbroker payments and legitimize your company, you need a reliable credit card processing platform and service.

With high-risk businesses, you can face frozen assets and be dropped as a client. These hindrances can make it more challenging to develop business relations with other merchants and ensure safe transactions.

In our complete guide, we will go over popular sites like Gunbroker and how you can find platforms to support your firearms sales. We will also address licensure laws and high-risk payment processing limitations.

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What Is Gunbroker?

As a gunbroker, you have likely heard of the platform nicknamed after the term: Gunbroker. It is the largest online auction-based marketplace for selling firearms and hunting or shooting accessories. It functions similarly to other marketplaces, such as eBay.

Ultimately, Gunbroker and its platform don’t sell firearms directly. They help broker purchases, which could increase the risk of fraudulent business.

The process of getting a gun isn’t as simple as other consumer purchases. First, you will need to figure out payments for firearms. Next, you will need to familiarize yourself with a Federal Firearms License.

In some circumstances, you can sell firearms without a license, but the buyer will usually need one. If not, you will have to send it to the nearest Federal Firearms License. However, there are several other platforms or e-commerce methods you can use to promote your firearms business.

The primary challenge comes in a payment platform for gunbrokers and how to secure purchases and sales.

Gunbroker Pay Platforms

Gunbroker pay platforms are more complex than simply using your credit card or online payment platforms. Some platforms only offer high fees and limit scalability.

As a gunbroker, you may run your own business, perform sales online, or both! If you operate an e-commerce platform, you need secure payment processing solutions and full chargeback protection.

You need a platform that caters to your unique needs and protects against high-risk sales or purchases without dropping you as a client or freezing your assets.

Why Are Firearm Sales High Risk?

Increased federal regulation and attention make being a firearms seller extremely high risk. This means you could face having your assets frozen or encounter blocked online selling and purchases.

Most industry providers will decline to set up accounts with high-risk merchants regarding firearm sales. This could lead to terminated accounts and leave you high and dry. When you start selling products or using platforms like Gunbroker, you need a company with experience in high-risk payment processing.

A merchant account provider is a gateway between you making or losing money, and platforms like Gunbroker require payment gateways before getting started. Many popular wallets and platforms like PayPal will not undertake high-risk sales and purchases.

What Is a Federal Firearms License?

Federal Firearms License (FFL) laws are the second criteria regarding gunbroker pay and platforms. Gun laws are largely regulated at the state level, making it a bit challenging to narrow down definitively. However, there are a few federal firearm laws in place, but they are fairly loose regarding the application at the state level.

There are two primary ways to carry a gun: concealed and open. States determine whether permits are needed to carry in public spaces. Applications can be exhaustive and time-consuming.

An FFL is a license different from a permit and allows you or your business to sell, manufacture, or import firearms. Using an up-to-date FFL streamlines the selling process and is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). If you don’t already have one, FFL laws require:

Once your business and operations are validated and in compliance with state and federal laws, you will issue a license. At this point, you can start operating your firearms sales.

Do You Need an FFL?

This answer is a bit convoluted since licensure is not necessary if you simply collect guns. However, as a firearms dealer, you need an active FFL, especially if you trade multiple firearms.

Dealers are also individuals who trade or sell firearms at wholesale or retail. You will also need a license if you specialize in certain trigger mechanisms or stocks. Lastly, pawnbrokers are also certified dealers and must undergo FFL requirements.

The goal of FFL is to ensure a broker or firearms dealer is legitimate, preventing the sale of fraudulent products.

High-Risk Payment Processing

As a high-risk business, you need a payment processing company with experience working with these niche businesses. The benefits of using Zen Payments are:

Zen Payments also offers 24/7 support services and chargeback protection programs. It is the simplest and easiest high-risk merchant account that fits your firearms business.

Start Receiving Gunbroker Pay

Whether you use an online marketplace or have your own e-commerce platform, finding a high-risk merchant account that fits your dynamic needs is challenging. You need a merchant service representing your firearms business, making the sale and purchases of firearms easier for you to navigate.

With supportive staff members and personalized platforms for gunbrokers, we make it easier to use sites like Gunbroker. Are you interested in a new and innovative gunbroker pay platform?

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Lizzy joined the Zen Payments team following her graduation from Utah Valley University. As a dedicated customer service representative, she brings extensive experience in client relations and customer support. Lizzy is committed to delivering exceptional service to all Zen Payments clients.

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