Delta-8 Merchant Account

Delta-8 Merchant Account
Josh Phelps
April 12, 2023

A delta-8 merchant account is a customized payment processing solution for companies who sell hemp derivatives. In the world of cannabis, there are multiple strains and combinations of THC-related items, and delta-8 is by far the most popular alternative. Nonetheless, any company who wants to accept a credit card payment for these products needs to have a custom merchant account from a high risk provider. Here’s how it works, and how to get one:

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Why Does Delta-8 Require A High Risk Merchant Account?

Delta-8 is a substance in an industry that has seen many changes in regulation over the past decades. As a result, mainstream payment processors like Square and PayPal refuse to allow businesses who sell any type of cannabis product to use their technology.

The issue for them is two-fold. Firstly, they consider it a regulatory concern; federal laws, state-by-state variation , and shipping uncertainties. And secondly, they don’t want to have their brand associated with anything that is taboo or culturally not widely accepted.

How To Get Credit Card Processing For Delta-8

The good news is that to obtain credit card processing for Delta-8 you simply have to contact a custom merchant account provider who can help you through the process. They make it easy from start to finish to get you the payment resources you need to keep your business running. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to go in no time:

1. Search For Payment Processors That Work With Delta- 8

As mentioned before, not all processors want to undertake the added risk associated with the industry, however, there are others that know the business inside-and-out, and they can provide you with customized solutions.

2. Fill Out A Form Or Give Them A Call

Contact their Sales team to begin the communication process and the two-way exchange of information. They will know all about delta-8 regulations and share key advice regarding payments. They’ll also learn about your company while you absorb advice about best practices and latest changes in the payment sphere.

3. Apply For An Account

Every payment processor has some type of application. Usually it’s a multi-page online document that asks for your business details such as ownership and location. Beyond this you’ll want to supply other information such as your transaction history, website url, and Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

4. Underwriting And Approval

Once all of your information is in and your payment processor compiles your package, they’ll share it with the underwriting team who will send it off to the bank. In most cases, you’ll hear back quickly if you’re approved, but sometimes the bank will have a few more questions or want additional information. Nonetheless, after all of your COAs are verified , our website is verified, and your business details are compatible, you’ll be approved!

5. Gateway Integration

The last step is making sure your new merchant account connects with your website or ecommerce platform like WooCommerce or Shopify. To do this, you’ll want to ask your payment processor for the code to integrate your payment gateway. In most cases, it’s just a few clicks to install and you’ll have everything you need connected.

CBD Merchant Account Solutions

In a related market, CBD merchant account solutions are in-line with delta-8. So if you have an existing CBD shop and already have a payment solution, then be sure to look for new providers that can l ower your rates and help you extend your product offering into new unique hemp-based goods.

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Josh Phelps is an experienced sales professional with eight years of expertise, including four years in payment processing. Throughout his career, Josh has successfully secured approvals for thousands of businesses, demonstrating his skill in navigating and optimizing the payment processing landscape.

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