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BigCommerce Payment Gateway

BigCommerce Payment Gateway

BigCommerce is an ecommerce shopping site that works with many payment gateways. The payment gateway is a tool that connects customer information such as credit card number to your bank in order to process a payment. The payment gateway serves as a secure tool that allows for safe transactions and monitoring of purchase information.


Each payment gateway has its own features and different methods of integrating with your website. The integration is usually a short code that plugs into a webpage or is downloaded as a plugin or application. From the main menu (on certain gateways), you’ll have the ability to adjust elements of the checkout page and set up the payment format for customers to use.

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BigCommerce Merchant Account

A merchant account for BigCommerce is the banking entity that holds and exchanges your online transactions. It’s the main location you will see customer payments enter, and the account you can withdraw funds from. BigCommerce has a wide range of partners in the merchant account space, and with that you have the option of choosing the best one for your industry and bottom line.

BigCommerce Payment Gateway

High Risk Merchant Account for BigCommerce

A BigCommerce high risk merchant account is essential for businesses in certain industries that standard payment processors often ban. A few of those industries are below:


  • AdultAdult payment processing on BigCommerce gives you the ability to run your Adult shop with secure transactions. The online adult industry has many different products and services from videos, to books and physical products. Every payment processor has their own regulations on what they allow so be sure to determine which one is right for your service and business model. 
  • Bad CreditA bad credit merchant account on BigCommerce can be appropriate for one of two reasons. One, you’re running a store that helps others with their bad credit. In this case, you offer services to help coach and improve other people’s credit so they have the freedom to get loans and make investments.

    Alternatively, you may have a low credit score and stand payment processors won’t support you. Not to worry, there are payment solutions to get you the credit card processing you need for your business. Zen Payments specializes in bad credit merchant accounts and can help you apply for one today.


  • CBDOpening a CBD merchant account BigCommerce means going through a high risk payment processor. They will show you the ropes on the payment side and create a custom sustainable account so you can accept credit cards.

    With an array of different uses, CBD has made its way into the mainstream market. Whether you sell smokable, edible, or topical items, this hemp-based strand lacks THC and purports relaxing properties in its various forms. 
  • Coaching Coaching merchant accounts on BigCommerce are perfect for anyone who has a speaking business or sells self-help items. A payment for coaching services might sometimes be a high-ticket item, meaning the bill is for over $1K. Also, it may come in after a seminar or coaching event. Because of this, you’ll need a specialty payment processor to help you create a merchant account.


  • FirearmsA firearms merchant account for BigCommerce is imperative for companies selling weapons or other self-defense items. Firearms have their own guidelines when it comes to selling. More importantly, there are age restrictions on certain items as well as state and federal laws.

    Having your Federal Firearms License or FFL gives you the ability to sell certain projectile weapons. This is one of the major criteria the ATF requires if you want to run a business in this vertical.


  • High VolumeA high volume merchant account for BigCommerce is used for large companies and many transactions. If you have many locations or make a significant amount of revenue, you’ll need an account that caters to that.

    When you first open your merchant account you’ll be designated a monthly volume limit. This is the general estimate of how much money you can process on your account. During holidays or as your business grows, your company might exceed this limit. In which case you’ll want to contact your payment processor and ask to increase your volume.


  •  MLM MLM merchant accounts for BigCommerce are best suited for multi-level marketing companies who sell their goods online. These items can range from makeup and lotions to adult toys. MLMs are designated as such by the way they expand their sales team, and some payment processors frown upon this style.

    As a MLM business your workforce is your brand, and the sales from your representatives can be sourced through your shop. With affiliate codes, you can track the success of each salesperson and manage return customers through the gateway.


  • NutraceuticalsA nutraceuticals merchant for BigCommerce is ideal for companies selling health products online. Dietary supplements, muscle enhancers, protein drinks, and stress relief formulas are all considered nutraceuticals.

    These products are not evaluated by the FDA, but are consumable, therefore, they have a higher level of attention when it comes to your payment processor. Also, some are sold via negative option billing. In this payment model you offer a product as a trial and bill a customer if they don’t return it. It’s very common for weight loss and joint relief products.


  • Subscription BillingSubscription billing on BigCommerce gives you the ability to bill a customer monthly or yearly for ongoing services. If you run a subscription box company or SaaS business where you offer monthly licenses, then you’ll need the subscription billing option added to your gateway.


  • Tech SupportA tech support merchant account on BigCommerce supports businesses who operate by outsourcing technical expertise for computer and IT services. Tech support is in high demand because of the cost of services, but many processors see it as a risky business type due to the possibility of cyber attacks and hacking that go along with the field of work.


  • TravelTravel merchant accounts for BigCommerce are great for agencies or websites who sell vacation packages. Although the travel industry saw some downtime during covid, it’s making a huge comeback and consumers are looking for new deals wherever they can find them. 

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