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Virtual Merchant Accounts

Virtual Merchant

A virtual merchant is any company who operates their store online. Virtual merchants can be ecommerce shops that sell products or businesses that sell their services through their website. If you’re a virtual merchant then you require a different kind of terminal to accept payments. You need an online merchant account solution in order to receive customer payments.

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Virtual Merchant Accounts

Virtual merchant accounts give your business the ability to receive credit part payments through your ecommerce store. Whether you use WordPress, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Shopify to operate your website, you’ll want to find a tool that integrates with your site and makes for an easy transaction. 

Another name for the payment plugin is a payment gateway. The gateway connects your merchant account to your store. It sends customer buying information from the checkout page to your bank account for verification and instantly approves transactions after validating security details. 

Virtual Merchant Examples

  1. Brick-and-Mortar To Online: Many small shops are seeing the benefit of taking their sales online. Physical store locations that sell goods from CBD products or firearms to adult toys all have the capability to reach an online audience and make money through a website. Whether you’re interested in having a website that showcases your company or you want to decrease overhead by taking sales online, pivoting to a virtual store can be very beneficial.

  2. Restaurant Orders: Restaurants have seen a huge increase in virtual orders over the years. And with multiple delivery options as well as third-party ordering platforms, dining facilities can benefit immensely from becoming a virtual restaurant.

  3. Online Coaching: Some industries require more research and a brand presence before people choose to buy. Coaching merchant accounts, for example, are a great place to show your brand with videos or descriptive information before selling your services.

Converge Virtual Merchant

Converge virtual merchants are companies that utilize the Converge payment processing system for their payment solutions. This is one of many choices for merchant account providers online. For example, Zen Payments provides virtual merchants with many types of custom solutions and lower fees than competing payment processors.

If you are a Converge virtual merchant presently, know that there are other payment gateways that give you the option to view reporting, receive fraud alerts. Many have upgrade interfaces that allow you to view your past transactions, forecast potential market opportunities and review chargebacks or return requests.

Virtual Terminal Online

There are many companies that provide excellent ways to manage online payments through their online virtual terminals. Much like a physical terminal, these online platforms provide all the necessary features and benefits of the in-person checkout experience with added security and customization to help you manage your payments. 

A virtual terminal online is also called a payment gateway. Popular payment gateways to look into include Authorize, and Tunl. Tunl is a modern payment gateway which doubles as a virtual terminal that can be integrated with your wordpress website to easily accept credit card payments.

Free Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

Free virtual terminals are often included with your payment processing services. In fact, you’ll need some kind of website integration to accept payments online. As such, your merchant account will often provide you with a top option when it comes to who they recommend to use. 

Zen Payments has many options for free virtual terminals and physical terminals like clover products. Moreover, our team can help you set up the integration you need in order to streamline your customer checkout process and keep payments organized for your business.

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