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THC Credit Card Processing

THC Credit Card Processing

THC credit card processing is used for companies that sell hemp products with certain amounts of THC. If you sell marijuana-related items or any smokable or consumable related to the hemp plant, then you’ll need a custom solution to accept credit card payments from customers.

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How Do I Find A THC Credit Card Processor?

There are a number of companies online that help you get the payment resources you need to accept payments. THC is of course a regulated substance nationally and has had a history with changing laws over the years. As a result, payment processors classify this industry as “high risk”.


High risk in payment processing means there are certain attributes of the industry that banks recognize as presenting more of a likelihood for concern on their behalf. Not to worry, there is an entire branch of the payment processing dedicated to companies that sell THC products.

Apply For A THC Merchant Account

To apply for a THC merchant account, you’ll want to follow a few basic steps:

  1. Search For High Risk Merchant Account Providers – These are the companies that specialize in your business type and know all about how to get you the ability to accept credit cards. Top companies like Zen Payments are familiar with the industry and guide you through the next phases.


  2. Share Your Company Information – Next you’ll want to dive into all the details about your company and submit some essential paperwork. The more you have prepared ahead of time, the faster you’ll be approved. Sometimes approvals are as fast as the same day.


  3. Update Your Products Or Website – After a few back-and-forth conversations, you’ll likely be provided instructions on how to make your company more approachable from a payments standpoint. Follow all the recommendations your payment processor gives to you and you’ll be one step closer to opening an account.


  4. Underwriting – After your package is put together and your ecommerce (or brick-and-mortar) storefront looks good, then underwriting will create the final contract for opening your account. They’ll have the fees listed and tell you about your merchant account limits and expectations.


  5. Start Accepting Credit Cards For Your THC Shop  – Once you complete the contract you’ll be ready to start accepting payments. Download all the online tools you need such as a payment gateway, and you’ll be on your way.

High Risk Solutions For Marijuana

A high risk merchant account for marijuana gives you the ability to accept payments in this growing industry. Moreover, it’s custom designed for your business and product type. Customer service representatives work with you to learn about each aspect of your business. Afterward, they’ll inform you about all of the options available, and discuss ways to make your business compatible with their provider.

Can I Use Regular Payment Processing For THC?

As any store owner that sells cannabis-related items knows, there is a wide range of possible concentrations and varieties of marijuana and hemp. Depending on the amount of THC your product has, you may qualify for mainstream processors or if you have high levels of THC in your products, an ACH merchant account may suit your needs.

How Much Are THC Processing Fees?

THC credit card processing fees usually range from 3% – 5% based on the specific type of marijuana you are selling. The slight premium exists because of the added risk associated with the business and goes towards finding new ways to help board unique hemp businesses.

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