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High-Risk Shopify Merchant Accounts

TABLE OF CONTENTS HIGH-RISK SHOPIFY MERCHANT ACCOUNTS Shopify is one of the most popular payment processing systems, and low-risk merchants can now use Shopify’s internal payment gateway, Shopify Payments, to accept and manage transactions. However, if you’re a high-risk merchant, you might be denied using Shopify Payments with your high-risk merchant account. As a high-risk… Continue reading High-Risk Shopify Merchant Accounts

Shopify High Risk Payment Processing

Shopify doesn’t offer high risk payment processing directly, but it does integrate with third-party companies that can provide you the solutions you need. If you’re a high risk company, you require a custom merchant account to sell goods or services on Shopify.    The best high risk Shopify merchant account provider offers low rates, fast… Continue reading Shopify High Risk Payment Processing