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Credit Card Processing for Continuity Subscription Merchants

Cropped view of womens hand using credit card to make contactless payment on chip and pin machine

Travis Credit Union reveals in a recent study that 59% of Americans prefer to pay with debit cards or with credit cards only instead of using cash. 52% of the respondents say that this is because of convenience, mainly. It can be more convenient for merchants too, especially with a continuity subscription business model. While convenient, continuity… Continue reading Credit Card Processing for Continuity Subscription Merchants

WooCommerce High Risk Payment Gateway

A WooCommerce high risk payment gateway is a payment processing tool for ecommerce merchants in the high risk space. If you sell items such as cbd, adult products, or firearms, the custom WooCommerce gateway allows them to accept credit card transactions online. The high risk gateway installs on the backend of your site as a… Continue reading WooCommerce High Risk Payment Gateway

Nutraceutical Merchant Account

A nutraceutical merchant account is a custom-made bank account for businesses in the nutra space. If you sell supplements, diet pills, or any vitamins online, you’ll want a payment processor that keeps your account running. Obtaining nutraceutical credit card processing is a challenge sellers face. Nonetheless, experienced payment companies can walk you through the onboarding process… Continue reading Nutraceutical Merchant Account