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Who Cannot Use Stripe?

There are many types of businesses that cannot use Stripe because they are on Stripe’s banned or restricted items lists. These companies are called “high


FFL Friendly Credit Card Processing

FFL friendly credit card processing allows licensed gun stores and firearms sellers to accept payments from customers using credit cards. As you know the Federal


Interchange Optimization

Interchange optimization is one of the most overlooked techniques to help you reduce your merchant account fees. If you want the lowest rates for your


Chargeback Reduction Plan

Setting up a chargeback reduction plan is a key step in maintaining your merchant account. Chargebacks are a frustrating and costly issue for most businesses,


High Risk ACH

High risk ACH payment processing is the most viable option for certain industries that cannot standard merchant accounts. The reason ACH is so beneficial is


Gift Card Processing

Gift card processing is a necessity for any company that sells pre-loaded cards online. In addition, it can be used by standard businesses who want


Gas Station POS Systems

Gas station POS systems are more than just payment processing terminals, they’re complete resources to help you organize your business. Gas stations have many moving


THC Credit Card Processing

THC credit card processing is used for companies that sell hemp products with certain amounts of THC. If you sell marijuana-related items or any smokable


MOTO Payments

MOTO payments are purchases made using standard mail or over the phone. Specifically, the acronym MOTO stands for mail order telephone order. The reason this


ATM Processing Companies

ATM processing companies provide merchant services for businesses that sell ATM services. ATMs are a unique product in the payment processing space because of the



For a low to moderate risk merchant account, the average setup time is 24-72 hours after receiving all requested documentation. For high risk accounts, the underwriting process can take longer. On average the setup time is 1-2 weeks after receiving all requested documentation.

Many variables are taken into consideration during the underwriting process. Business types that have elevated chargeback risks are considered “High Risk”.

High Risk industries include but are not limited to:

  • Negative Option Billing
  • Online Nutraceutical Sales
  • Adult Content/Streaming
  • CBD and Marijuana Related Products
  • Online Tech Support
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Business Opportunity

Zen Payments has extensive experience in working with and boarding merchants in high risk industries. Click here to arrange a personal consultation. 

A merchant account is an account that enables businesses to accept credit cards from their customers either online, in person or keyed manually.

PCI Compliance is a set of security standards that all merchants and vendors need to meet. This ensures that customer credit card data is protected. Every merchant needs to be PCI compliant. To become compliant you need to complete a compliance questionnaire and complete any applicable scans.


We are dedicated to making sure all of our merchants are PCI compliant. If you have any questions about compliance or need help with your questionnaire, our support team is available during business hours at 801-405-9888.

While your personal credit is not a always a critical factor in obtaining a business merchant account, poor personal credit may cause underwriting to require additional documents such as company bank statements and other financial documents in order to assess the stability of your business.

All merchant accounts come with the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also apply to accept other forms of payment such as: PIN-Debit, e-check, fuel cards, EBT and gift cards.

Yes. Every merchant account comes with access to a free iOS mobile application to process payments. We also have paid mobile applications for Android users and merchants with other special requirements.

Yes. Every month, by mail and/or email, you will receive a statement that details all your payment information for the month, including deposits into your account, your total sales volume, and the charges for the month. You can also access this information online for real-time, up-to-date information.

A Payment Gateway, otherwise known as a Virtual Terminal, provides merchants with the ability to process payments and accept credit cards securely. Merchants can key in transactions manually, send invoices, and set up recurring payments through the payment gateway. These gateways also have fraud filters to help minimize fraudulent transactions and diminish the chargeback risk to the merchant.


Every merchant account with Zen Payments includes access to a state of the art payment gateway at no cost.

All credit card processing companies are required to secure customer’s payment information. No matter which company the merchant chooses, the payment processor must provide a high level of security for transactions. Security must meet the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Certification) standards.


All of the systems that Zen Payments uses are in compliance with the latest PCI standards.

Zen Payments Customer Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm MST at 801-405-9888. You may also email us 24/7 at support@zenpayments.com.

It has been statistically proven that offering your customers the ability to pay with credit cards can double or even triple your current sales! It has been shown that people spend more money when they use cards as opposed to cash. Credit card payments are also quicker and more efficient for both the customer and the business owner.

A POS or Point-Of-Sale system offers more robust features as opposed to a conventional terminal or virtual terminal. These systems often help with inventory management, employee tracking and sales trends.

Zen Payments offers a variety of different POS systems for specific industries including:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars/Nightclubs
  • Clothing Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Food Trucks
  • Supermarkets
  • Vape Shops

Contact us to arrange a demo of our available POS solutions.

Your business is classified as RETAIL if more than 80% of your credit card transactions are physically swiped/inserted.


Your business is classified as MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) if more than 20% of your orders take place by telephone or mail order with an agent manually keying in credit card payment details.


Your business is classified as E-Commerce if sales take place primarily through a Website payment form or shopping cart at a percentage above the RETAIL and MOTO thresholds.

With Zen Payments, there are NO hidden fees! Your itemized fees are fully disclosed upon sign-up, and further, these fees are guaranteed for the life of your account.


Click here if you have an existing merchant account and would like a complimentary fee evaluation to find out EXACTLY what your costs are with your current provider.

EMV (Euro Mastercard-Visa) is the name for chip-embedded cards. Since October 2015 it is mandatory that merchants be EMV compliant. If you are not EMV compliant then you are liable for any fraud that takes place.

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