High Volume Merchant Accounts

High Volume or High Average Ticket?


High Volume Merchant Accounts

High volume merchant accounts are becoming more and more common with the rise of eCommerce sales. If your business is processing a large volume of transactions and high-ticket transactions on a monthly basis, you’re going to need to make sure you have a payment processing company that can handle your merchant account and keep you active. We understand that businesses are always growing and we are here to help you achieve whatever is next. There is not much worse than getting your funds held by your credit card processor when your business starts processing high volumes. At Zen Payments, we have been processing high volume accounts for the last 15 years, and have been on the cutting edge of eCommerce sales. Whether you process thousands per month or millions of dollars we can make sure your merchant account is able to take payments and stays active.


High Volume Merchant Accounts Are High Risk

The issue is with most high volume merchant accounts, is most banks aren’t willing to take on the risks that are associated with them. Some of the biggest reasons that merchants who process large amounts of transactions are high risk are:


Fraud is a big deal in the eCommerce world. When people get their credit cards stolen, the first thing the thief tends to do is rack up thousands of dollars in charges. As soon as the person whose card was stolen catches wind, they are going to file a chargeback on every single transaction. This will put your business and merchant account at risk and is a reason that makes high volume transactions scary to low risk banks.



Chargebacks aren’t always associated with fraud in this case. They happen to everyone. But a merchant who processes 100 transactions in a month is going to incur far fewer chargebacks than a merchant processing 10,000 transactions. Because of the increase in transactions per month, chargebacks are something that every high volume merchant must be on top of.



As you can see it all comes full circle. Large numbers of transactions increase your fraud rate, chargeback rate, all of which can cause you to lose your merchant account. On top of that, most of the time when you are approved for processing you are only approved to process x amount of dollars per month. Low-risk companies do not tend to alter this, however, a high risk payment processor is much more flexible and able to work with you on this.


Why Zen Payments For Your High Volume Merchant Acount

We pride ourselves on being the nation’s go-to payment processor for the last 15 years for anyone looking for high volume merchant services. While companies like Stripe, Square, and Paypal aren’t available, we take it into our own hands to provide the best service for high volume merchants looking to start or continue to grow their online presence. We work with over 15 reputable banks who will process your high risk transactions and we find who will be the best fit and rate for your company. We have tools and will teach you best practices on how you can prevent chargebacks and maintain your revenue. Our in-house team is on top of it, so you can worry about running your business, and let us take care of the merchant account from start to finish.

High-Volume Merchant Services

We support all kinds of merchants, including those looking for high volume merchant services. With a variety of high-quality payment gateway solutions and 24/7 support services, you can keep tabs on the health of your business. We also offer chargeback reduction services to be able to prevent the losses you can suffer due to high chargebacks. Call us today, and let us get your business processing payments and get you a high volume merchant account today!

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