Adult Merchant Accounts

Stable Merchant accounts for the adult industry


Adult Merchant Accounts

Zen Payments provides adult merchant accounts to good business owners nationwide. This means that whether you sell adult toys online or have a membership subscription we have got you covered. Furthermore, we have been getting our merchant’s stable accounts in the adult space for over 15 years. Most banks do not want their name anywhere near the adult industry, so in the past, this has made obtaining an adult merchant account extremely difficult for a lot of people. Also, merchants were forced to take astronomically high processing rates simply because they only had a handful of options and couldn't really pick who they wanted to go with. We currently have partnerships with over 15 banks that help merchants to get the best rates, as well as help, keep the merchant account active. Getting your account frozen and funds held are a worry of the past!


Risks Of Adult Merchant Accounts

Adult merchant accounts are considered to be high risk merchant accounts as well as in a lot of banks' eyes disreputable. As a result of this, it is hard to place a merchant. Some of the major reasons that these accounts are high-risk are

 They offer subscription-based products

 Free Trials

 Most adult companies are start-ups and lack processing history

 Controversial topics and content that most banks don't support

 Processing a large volume of transactions

 Strict regulations and restrictions within the industry.


Above are a few of the major reasons that adult industry payment processing is considered high risk. However one of the biggest reasons not mentioned is chargebacks. Chargebacks and fraud are common within the adult sphere due to customers wanting to keep actions private. Given that privacy is big, charges will often get disputed claiming they didn’t sign up for a free trial or monthly subscription. Likewise, we offer chargeback protection to help mitigate this and keep your business moving forward.  Even though this industry is high risk, that doesn't mean you can't get approved! Due to our experience, getting you approved is a breeze. 


Frozen Funds

With a variety of things making it high risk, adult merchant accounts can be tricky to receive. Major credit card processors won’t even touch the adult industry because they consider it disreputable. This means that if you do not choose the correct company, you are subjecting your business to frozen funds and losing your ability to process payments. At Zen Payments, we support good business no matter the industry, and we make sure that all of our merchants go through a rigorous process to ensure long-term viability. Every merchant will go through our underwriting process to ensure they go to the best bank that specializes in their industry, and they get the best pricing while doing so.


Types of adult merchants

Albeit the term Adult Industry is very broad, there are many different merchants that exist in the space, and we service them all. If you do any of the following you are in need of a high risk adult merchant account because of the risk involved:

 Adult Bookstores

 Adult Cam Sites

 Adult Magazines

 Adult Toys

 Dating Sites


 Strip Clubs

 Many More

These are just some of the different products that will require a high risk merchant account in order to have consistent payment processing. Because all of these are subject to chargebacks, and while a lot of adult merchants being new start-up businesses there are a lot of obstacles to hurdle in order to be able to take payments. Similarly, you will need someone in your corner, that is where we come into play. 


Why Zen Payments For Your Adult Merchant Account?

When looking for adult entertainment merchant services, Zen Payments is your perfect solution. With our experience, our chargeback protection, and our 24/7 support we have exactly what it takes to support your business. We process millions of dollars a month in the adult industry, with a track record of proven success. Let us help you jump through the necessary hoops in order to start your merchant account and keep you processing payments consistently in the future. Zen Payments are a tight-knit family and want you to be a part of that.  Don’t settle for someone with little to no experience, not to mention someone who will charge you thousands of dollars per month in fees. Zen’s got you covered, let us take it from here.

Processing You Can Trust

While owning a business in the adult entertainment industry, it can be difficult to get the merchant services you need. Some vendors are more concerned about their reputation in this case than the services that they can provide. At Zen Payments, we offer our services to businesses in every industry without shame.  Let us set up your adult merchant account today. Call us anytime to speak with our team!