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CBD Merchant Account

CBD Merchant Account

A CBD merchant account allows you to accept payment processing on your ecommerce store. As a business owner, in a high risk vertical, you’ll want a custom credit card solution that takes into consideration your industry and product types.


CBD continues to gain national acceptance as an accepted hemp-related cannabis product. Due to the increasing demand, stores who sell CBD online need to follow certain guidelines in order to get the lowest rates and fastest approvals on their merchant account.

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What Payment Processors Ban CBD Merchants?

Certain payment processors such as PayPal do not allow the sale of CBD. This is because they see it as riskier from a banking standpoint. They don’t want to deal with regulatory issues or jeopardize their brand image by supporting the sale of certain goods. 


High risk payment processors exist so companies that can’t get approved by companies like Paypal, can still have a way to accept credit card payments from their customers. However, the process is a little different than the instant approval you may get when going through a mainstream company.

How To Get Payment Processing For Your CBD Store

To get CBD payment processing, find a company with experience in that exact vertical. There are many banks that allow standard business accounts, but as you get into high risk processing you’ll find certain companies know the industry better than others. In turn, their customer support team can walk you through the onboarding process very quickly.

THC Content For CBD Merchants

The Farm Bill Act of 2018 allowed for specific levels of THC to be present in cannabis products. As a vendor, you have to show that the CBD you sell has 0.3% or less of THC. You will need a certificate of analysis or COA from a reputable testing facility to prove this. ‘

How To Sell CBD Online

To sell CBD online and take payments through your website, you’ll also need to adhere to certain regulations imposed by your payment processor. Some request that your website content should be changed, or that you provide a history of your existing revenue. 


In any case, there are a few top ways to get your account approved fast so you can begin accepting credit cards immediately. 


  • Provide Existing History – Your history of payments shows how much you’ll want to request for your merchant account. Each has a maximum limit that increases as your business grows. The longer your shop is open and doing business, the less “risky” you’re considered and you’ll be able to get lower rates.

  • Test Your Products – As mentioned before you’ll want to prove that you’re selling legal goods. This means getting reputable COAs that show your CBD or Delta-8 products have low amounts of THC

  • Develop Your Website – Your website is the user funnel for all of your purchases. Brand your product so it reflects your unique competitive advantage.

  • Get A Merchant Account – Next you’ll need to find a high risk merchant account so you can accept payments online

Integrate A Payment Gateway – Payment gateways exchange payment information in a technical sense. They capture customer payment data and provide a secure exchange in order to validate and finalize the transaction.

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