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WooCommerce High Risk Payment Gateway

A WooCommerce high risk payment gateway is a payment processing tool for ecommerce merchants in the high risk space. If you sell items such as cbd, adult products, or firearms, the custom WooCommerce gateway allows them to accept credit card transactions online. The high risk gateway installs on the backend of your site as a… Continue reading WooCommerce High Risk Payment Gateway

High-Risk Shopify Merchant Accounts

TABLE OF CONTENTS HIGH-RISK SHOPIFY MERCHANT ACCOUNTS Shopify is one of the most popular payment processing systems, and low-risk merchants can now use Shopify’s internal payment gateway, Shopify Payments, to accept and manage transactions. However, if you’re a high-risk merchant, you might be denied using Shopify Payments with your high-risk merchant account. As a high-risk… Continue reading High-Risk Shopify Merchant Accounts