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High Risk Merchant List

High risk merchants are companies that operate in specific verticals that banks consider riskier than normal. As a merchant, it’s imperative to have a payment processor that works for your business. Some payment processors only take on low risk merchants while others build custom accounts for high risk merchants which are considered to be on… Continue reading High Risk Merchant List

Why You Should Use 3D Secure If You Operate a High Risk Business

Some experts estimate that there is $125 billion in chargebacks that are affecting companies.  However, one way that you can reduce that is by using 3D Secure. 3D Secure (3DS) is a great way to protect high-risk businesses, especially if you’re charging a lot of money at once.  Keep reading to learn all about 3D Secure and… Continue reading Why You Should Use 3D Secure If You Operate a High Risk Business

Shopify High Risk Payment Processing

Shopify doesn’t offer high risk payment processing directly, but it does integrate with third-party companies that can provide you the solutions you need. If you’re a high risk company, you require a custom merchant account to sell goods or services on Shopify.  The best high risk Shopify merchant account provider offers low rates, fast integrations,… Continue reading Shopify High Risk Payment Processing

Online Gaming Merchant Accounts

Although there is great potential for success, online gaming merchant accounts face a number of complex and difficult issues. One such issue arises at the most basic level: the name of the industry. Online or otherwise, “gaming” means different things to different people. If you were to ask a typical American teenager what “gaming” means,… Continue reading Online Gaming Merchant Accounts

Credit Card Processing for Continuity Subscription Merchants

Cropped view of womens hand using credit card to make contactless payment on chip and pin machine

Travis Credit Union reveals in a recent study that 59% of Americans prefer to pay with debit cards or with credit cards only instead of using cash. 52% of the respondents say that this is because of convenience, mainly. It can be more convenient for merchants too, especially with a continuity subscription business model. While convenient, continuity… Continue reading Credit Card Processing for Continuity Subscription Merchants

Adult Products Merchant Account

An adult products merchant account is a unique type of payment processing solution in the adult space. It’s custom made for businesses that sell physical items for mature audiences. Adult products require  high risk merchant accounts with custom underwriting guidelines.   If you sell products such as vibrators, swings, or even leather accessories online, you… Continue reading Adult Products Merchant Account

Nutraceutical Merchant Account

A nutraceutical merchant account is a custom-made bank account for businesses in the nutra space. If you sell supplements, diet pills, or any vitamins online, you’ll want a payment processor that keeps your account running. Obtaining nutraceutical credit card processing is a challenge sellers face. Nonetheless, experienced payment companies can walk you through the onboarding process… Continue reading Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Best High Risk Credit Card Processing Companies 2022

Finding the best high risk credit card processing companies is no simple task. With multiple companies offering different benefits and prices, it can be difficult to choose one that’s a perfect fit for your business. In this article we discuss what makes the top company for each business vertical, and which features they come with.… Continue reading Best High Risk Credit Card Processing Companies 2022

Staying Compliant In The Coaching Industry

Federal Crackdowns on the Coaching Industry has become a hot topic, staying compliant the coaching industry has become a challenge for many businesses.  Businesses in high-risk industries are often particularly susceptible to fraud, they tend to get special scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). One such industry that the FTC has been giving much… Continue reading Staying Compliant In The Coaching Industry

High Volume Merchant Account

A high volume merchant account allows you to process significant funds through your payment provider. Merchant accounts all have a limit when it comes to volume. When they reach that dollar threshold, you have to open a new account or increase the limit on your current one. As customers purchase goods or services through your… Continue reading High Volume Merchant Account