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High Risk Merchant Account Fees

High Risk Merchant Account Fees

High risk merchant account fees are usually higher than their low risk counterparts, but the added premium gives you sustainable solutions that you need to accept credit cards. For high risk merchants, fees come in a few forms. Nonetheless, they are often bundled by your payment processor in order to simplify them and easily view… Continue reading High Risk Merchant Account Fees

What Is MTOT Disc

WHAT IS MTOT DISC? If you review your merchant bank statements regularly, you may be curious about a recurring fee you’ve noticed on your statement that’s identified as “MTOT Disc.” MTOT Disc is a shortened version of the phrase “merchant account total discount fee,” referring to the monthly fee your bank deducts as a direct… Continue reading What Is MTOT Disc


FANF stands for Fixed Acquirer Network Fee. This fee is a non-negotiable baseline charge that comes from Visa. It directly relates to the amount of revenue you process each month. The fee cannot be changed by merchant account providers because it’s instituted by the card brands. Speak With An Expert Today! How Much Is A… Continue reading FANF Fee

How To Get Lower Payment Processing Rates

Lower payment processing rates are decided by the merchant account provider you choose. Each custom payment processor is different and has separate pricing models depending on your type of account. Mainstream providers tend to lock in steady pricing to compete with one another, but if you want lower rates you’ll have to meet certain qualifications.… Continue reading How To Get Lower Payment Processing Rates

ISA Fee – International Service Assessment

Finding an unexpected charge on your monthly bill is something no merchant wants to see. If you discover that your processing statement is much higher than usual but don’t know why, you may have been charged with an international service assessment (ISA) fee. Though you probably didn’t go on an overseas spending spree yourself, one… Continue reading ISA Fee – International Service Assessment