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Chargeback Reduction Plan

Chargeback Reduction Plan

Setting up a chargeback reduction plan is a key step in maintaining your merchant account. Chargebacks are a frustrating and costly issue for most businesses, and can lead to reduced revenue as well as payment processing issues. Nonetheless, there are definitive steps you can take in order to ensure your company is burdened with these… Continue reading Chargeback Reduction Plan

Chargeback Analysis

Chargeback Analysis

A chargeback analysis helps you understand the top reasons you have chargebacks. This analysis takes place by looking at the causes for consistent insufficiencies or issues in your payment process.  There are many ways chargebacks occur. For example, you may have a slow order fulfillment process which leads to delayed delivery of products. Alternatively your… Continue reading Chargeback Analysis

What Is Chargeback Fraud?

TABLE OF CONTENTS What Is Chargeback Fraud? Increasing numbers of consumers are choosing to shop online. In the second quarter of 2021, total e-commerce retail sales increased about 28% from the previous year’s second quarter. Alongside the rise of e-commerce in recent years, friendly fraud and chargeback incidents have grown. Unfortunately, most merchants don’t know how to… Continue reading What Is Chargeback Fraud?

What Are Credit Card Chargebacks?

TABLE OF CONTENTS WHAT ARE CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACKS? Whether you’re the business or the customer, you understand this age-old agreement — a customer gives a business money in return for an agreed-upon product or service. Every business owner wants each transaction to be as smooth as possible, and in a perfect world, they would be.… Continue reading What Are Credit Card Chargebacks?

How to Mitigate Chargeback Fraud

Chargeback Fraud

Every business that accepts payment by credit card knows the expense in both time and money that chargebacks can cause. Chargebacks can be initiated for a variety of reasons, of course, some of which are legitimate, or at least understandable. On the other hand, some are unreasonable, questionable, or outright fraudulent. It is necessary to… Continue reading How to Mitigate Chargeback Fraud

What is a Retrieval Request?

Making a retrieval request

A retrieval request is an inquiry made by a customer to learn more about a charge from their credit or debit card. As a business, it’s important to know when and how to respond to retrieval requests in order to stop potential chargebacks before they are filed. Speak With An Expert Today! How Do I… Continue reading What is a Retrieval Request?

How to Reduce Your Chargeback Rate

Each month, your bank or payment processor adds up all the chargebacks initiated toward your business’ account that month and divides it by the total of all transactions. The resulting percentage is called the “chargeback rate.” Banks set a certain level of chargebacks that it views as acceptable, typically about 3% or less. If your… Continue reading How to Reduce Your Chargeback Rate

Why You Should Use 3D Secure If You Operate a High Risk Business

Some experts estimate that there is $125 billion in chargebacks that are affecting companies.  However, one way that you can reduce that is by using 3D Secure. 3D Secure (3DS) is a great way to protect high-risk businesses, especially if you’re charging a lot of money at once.  Keep reading to learn all about 3D Secure and… Continue reading Why You Should Use 3D Secure If You Operate a High Risk Business

Credit Card Processing for Continuity Subscription Merchants

Cropped view of womens hand using credit card to make contactless payment on chip and pin machine

Travis Credit Union reveals in a recent study that 59% of Americans prefer to pay with debit cards or with credit cards only instead of using cash. 52% of the respondents say that this is because of convenience, mainly. It can be more convenient for merchants too, especially with a continuity subscription business model. While convenient, continuity… Continue reading Credit Card Processing for Continuity Subscription Merchants

Using Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) to Resolve Chargebacks

UPS recently released findings of a global survey of online shoppers. 80% of consumers who responded say they expect a retailer to offer them free returns. Rapid Dispute Resolution can help your business accomplish this, while helping you resolve chargebacks. Customers are not always satisfied with a product or service, and merchants may or may not want to… Continue reading Using Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) to Resolve Chargebacks