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ATM Processing Companies

ATM Processing Companies

ATM processing companies provide merchant services for businesses that sell ATM services. ATMs are a unique product in the payment processing space because of the variable fees they charge as well as their strategic placement locations.

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How Much Do ATM Processing Companies Charge?

The typical charge for processing ATM transactions ranges from 2% – 4%, and it’s based on a few factors. Moreover, there are other fees such as a per transaction fee that are included. Transaction fees are usually around $0.30. 

To save money on payment processing fees, you can leverage a few features specific to your business.

  1. Leverage Your Payment History – Your payment history is the number and volume of transactions you have over time. The more money you process along with the time you’ve been in business correlates to your risk profile. Bigger is better in this case and larger companies that have been around longer can negotiate lower rates.
  2. Reduce Transactions in Batches – You pay for the number of times information is sent and money is exchanged. Instead of having your processor send over the funds for each transaction, do them in batches to reduce the overall cost.
  3. Monitor Chargebacks – Chargebacks can reduce your ability to obtain a merchant account as well as cut into your profit margin. Be sure to monitor how they are happening and shop for fraud prevention technology that’ll help you reduce unhappy customers or illegitimate transactions.

ATM Merchant Systems

ATM Merchant Systems is a private company that offers revenue share for ATM placements. You invest in the ATM device, find a location to put it, decide on the fees, and split revenue with the company. If you already have an ATM company and are looking for a payment processing provider, then pair with a merchant account provider like Zen Payments who can get you up and running to accept payments fast.

Setting Up An ATM Processing Business

If you’re considering setting up an ATM processing business, then you see the potential in a new passive income opportunity. Your next steps are to figure out the best way to get all of your tools and equipment together in the right location in order to get traffic to your machine.

  1. Purchase An ATM Device – These devices range in various levels of quality. Some are equipped with new technology while others have a basic format. Either way, you’ll want to measure the cost/benefit of investing in a high end machine vs a standard one. The key is to keep in mind your target audience. Who will be using the machine and what kind of features would attract more people to pull cash out for a fee
  2. Find A Location And Install – Arguably, this should come first, but if you already have a location in mind, then you’ll want a professional team to install the device. ATMS have extra levels of security to deter thieves from breaking in or stealing the entire ATM altogether. Likely, the company you purchase it from will have a service team to install the item for a cost. 
  3. Find A Processing Company – Not only are you allowing people the ability to access their bank, but when you charge a fee, you’re making a transaction with your business bank account. As a result, you’ll need to find a payment processing company that works with ATMs and can provide you a sustainable way to accept credit or debit card payments.

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